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Use Wisely Your Power of Choice (October 28th, 2022)

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When I was but a wee lad my mom imparted this wisdom upon me, "Use wisely your power of choice," yet so few of us do.

In 11 days you all get to use your power of choice. Will you use it wisely? Will you choose to return to a time when your wages grew faster than inflation and your retirement account actually grew, when the streets were safer, when your kids were taught real academic subjects, accurate history, and critical thought in schools, when the border was reasonably secure, and when God, family, and freedom were the ties that bound us together?

Or will you choose the Biden and leftist agenda, where babies don't have formula, where inflation is killing your budget, where your grocery shelves aren't stocked, where you can't afford a car or house, where your border is a sieve, where drugs are killing 10's of thousands of your youth, where you are banned for political speech on social media, and where if you speak up in favor of God or take active interest in your children's education you are investigated by the government and labeled a domestic terrorist? 


Like Morpheus said in the Matrix, you can choose the red pill, or you can choose the blue pill. In 11 days we can start taking our country back, and the choice has never been more stark or more clear. So like my late Mom said, Use wisely your power of choice and make America great again.   

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