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The War on the Middle Class (July 14th, 2023)

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Do you feel like Biden has declared war on the middle class and the American family? If you do, you are right, and you're not alone.

The cost of living for the average family has increased by about 17% since he took office. A tsunami of regulations and rules have increased the cost of living of the average American family by about $5800/year. 

It's a one-two punch on the middle and lower classes. Credit card debt increased by 17% in the past year alone, to almost $1 trillion, a record. The cost of servicing that debt has skyrocketed, too. Interest rates have almost tripled. The average mortgage payment has gone up 60% and the average car payment has risen about 18%. 

More Americans are working two jobs too, even in dual income households. Wages have lagged inflation by almost 50% under Biden, debt has risen, the savings rate has turned negative, and our net worths have shrunk and are stagnant. Fewer seniors than ever before are able to retire comfortably and many are having to re-enter the workforce. 

The cost of college is at its highest point ever and an entire generation owes more on their student loans than they do on their mortgage, if they are even able to qualify for a mortgage. Most have no hope of ever paying the student loans off, stuck in an endless debt cycle with a non-marketable degree, and because of that they can't buy real estate, invest in the market, start a business, save for retirement, attain generational wealth, or send their own children to college. 

Forget about upward mobility, a growing number of Americans are just trying not to drown. The polls reflect that, too. A huge percentage of people under 40 have no hope and don't envision themselves surpassing their parents economically, which has long been a pillar of the American dream. The hopes and dreams of a comfortable middle class existence is becoming increasingly out of reach for an ever growing number of American families.

It doesn't have to be this way. Under Trump wages outpaced inflation by an almost 2 to 1 ratio, debt was retired, new family formation exploded, the middle and lower class's net worth actually grew while their wages grew at a faster pace than the upper classes. Household debt to income ratios decreased. Small business formation exploded and small business prospered.

There were more 401-k millionaires created than ever before, and more Americans were able to retire earlier and more comfortably. America was energy independent, financially viable, militarily able, living at peace, the American dream was real, and it was within reach of more people than ever before. 

As much as the next election is about Trump vs Biden and our solemn duty to correct an obvious wrong, it is even more about what version of America we the people want. Do we want the world economic forum's and Biden's marxist vision? Or do we want the America in Trump's inauguration speech, which is in so many ways a conservative manifesto, that we play at the top of every hour on this show. Biden's economic nightmare or Trump's American dream. Its that simple. We literally can't afford 4 more years of Biden.

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