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The Supreme Court, Lawfare, and the Trump Tsunami (March 8th)

Updated: Apr 22

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It is my honor to sit again, on Patriot Home Funding Friday, in the John Barros Memorial co-host chair. Today, and every time I do, I will try to do right by his standards and his memory. I encourage us all to do the same in our daily lives.

Speaking of standards, on Monday the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of the people's right to choose, and against lawfare. Reaction from the likes of Andrew Weissmann, Mary McCord, George Conway, etc. was hilarious and all the legal analysts in the state-run corporate media had a conniption. Predictable.

How about the 9 former DOJ and Homeland Security Secretaries or Under Secretaries, and legal advisors to past Republican presidents not named Trump, who filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of the Colorado ruling removing Trump? Think those former "best and brightest" represent you? Think they hold fidelity to the constitution? 

How about the professors and administrators of the law schools at Columbia, Yale, Cal Berkeley, Harvard, Boston College, and elected scholars of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences? They also filed amicus briefs supporting the state of Colorado.

How could our so-called "best and brightest" get it all so wrong? Are they really activists and not true academicians? They lied to the Supreme Court and to the people for purely political reasons. Can you imagine what they are teaching the next generation of lawyers and judges? What do you think they think of the average middle class American?

Tuesday night President Trump decisively and historically routed the last establishment candidate Nikki Haley, clinching the nomination for the third straight time. In addition to defeating the Clinton machine, the Bush machine, the GOP establishment, and almost 30 GOP presidential hopefuls in the last 3 cycles by historic margins, Trump got the most legitimate votes for President and the most for any incumbent President in our history. 

Trump is the Wilt Chamberlain of politics - his domination is so overwhelming, so thorough, and so decisive that they have to change the rules to try to stop him. For the third straight GOP presidential primary cycle, the people have spoken loud and clear and with overwhelming tsunami like numbers. 

The GOP base wants Trump and Judeo Christian based nationalist populism. They have rejected the establishment, their endless wars, their offshoring of our manufacturing and agriculture, their currency manipulation, their globalism, their indoctrination and ruination of our children, their drugs, their debt, their thievery, and corrupt old monied interests and no one can make a legitimate argument otherwise. This ain't your daddy's country club elitist and corporate owned GOP any more. Oh no, it is the party of, by, and for the people- and MAGA promises them the three things all people want deep down in their soul- peace, prosperity, and individual freedom.

Last night you watched a failing president take the State of the Union address, crap on its tradition, and give a campaign rally speech to his far-left Marxist horde in a flailing attempt to rally them. The more Biden got angry, the more he reeked of desperation, and the more the enemy of middle America he revealed himself to be. It was shameful but enlightening all at the same time. It was there for us all to see, just a dark, threatening rant devoid of hope- let alone peace, prosperity, and freedom.

America is the land of the free and home of the brave, not the land of the craven and home of the enslaved.  

Never before has the choice been more polarizing-  On one hand you have the democrat agenda, where we are at constant war, where the courts and law enforcement are used as blunt force political weapons, judges can't define what a woman is, millenials can't buy a home, children are indoctrinated into a perverse humanist world view, and we are teetering on a complete capitulation to an unelected, unaccountable, one world government of elitists and oligarchs, one of famine, subjugation, and war.  

If that's what you want, then vote democrat or don't vote at all. But if you want the American dream of homeownership, the rule of law, where small towns thrive, our agriculture and factories thrive, where God and the nuclear family is the foundation of society, and where the promise of peace, prosperity, and freedom remains the promise of America..... then there is only one choice, regardless of what the democrats, oligarchs, elitists, globalists, media, and most of all our enemies like China want.... and that choice is Trump. 

The battle lines have been drawn and the field is clear, the restoration starts NOW.     


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