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The "State" of the Union (February 10th, 2023)

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Since I last spoke to you last Friday, we have witnessed the stunning depth of Joe Biden's ineptitude in all its glory. Let's review.

Last weekend we had the Chinese spy balloon traversing the width of the country in a feckless display of weakness. First the administration denied its existence, then Biden tried to tell us that he ordered it to be shot down BEFORE it entered American airspace and the military refused. So either Biden is lying or the military command was insubordinate, take your pick. Neither is good. Then they tried to deflect by saying that there were balloons over the country during Trump's presidency, which Trump, his cabinet members, and senate intelligence committee members denied. Again, either the administration's lying or the military command was insubordinate. Take your pick.

Then we moved to the State of the Union Tuesday night, where Biden gave a blundering, stuttering, bullying, rambling, lying address to congress where several members of his party chose to not wear US Flag lapel pins as is customary, but pins with the word abortion spelled out except that the first was O replaced with a heart. Unpatriotic, ghoulish, offensive, and tone deaf. But should we expect anything more?

The next day 162 congressional democrats voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to vote in elections in the District of Columbia. Biden's border catastrophe makes more sense now, doesn't it?

The same day, coordination between the FBI and Twitter was laid bare for all the world to see. Between the Twitter files (Thanks Elon) and the evidence presented we learned that $3.4 million was paid by the FBI to Twitter, with election interference exercised on their behalf by censuring the Biden laptop story and GOP candidates, a massive in kind contribution to the democrats in violation of federal law. 

Yesterday we learned that Biden ordered the sabotage of the Nordstream 2 pipeline, a clear act of war without congressional approval, and an act of provocation and escalation against a nuclear power in Russia, and a NATO ally in Germany. First Biden and Victoria Nuland stated they would do it, then they did it, and then they lied about it. Think anybody in NATO trusts us now?

And finally, Biden is siccing his IRS goons on service workers nationwide, going after their cash tip income. Never mind that the service sector was really the last to recover from the lockdowns and many of these workers earn less than $40k/year, less than 80% of the median income in most US cities.  It is Biden's money and he wants it now. Let them eat cake.

That's just one week. Worst president ever? That's for the historians and pundits to decide, but he sure is making a great case, and we the people are weakened as a result. Mean tweets don't seem like such a big deal now, do they? 

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