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The RESTRICT Bill (April 14th, 2023)

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Yesterday the Department of Justice, or if you are a Trump supporter the Department of Just Us, with the help of the New York Times, Washington Post, and an internet research firm based in the Netherlands called Bellicat, tracked down and arrested 21 year old air national guardsman Jack Texeira for leaking top secret intel docs about Ukraine, Russia, China, and some of our allies.


Surely they will throw the book at him. But I have a couple of questions:

#1. Why is it okay for the New York Times and Washington Post to work hand in hand with the FBI and deep state? Any illusion that these media outlets are "fair and balanced" and not apparatchik of the democrats and deep state are now debunked forever, and we should view them as the American version of Pravda.

#2. There is an old saying that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. So why are Alexander Vindman, Eric Ciaramella, and Daniel Ellsberg hailed as heroes while Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Eric Snowden, and now Jack Texeira are deemed traitors or terrorists? 

There is no doubt that the deep state regime has been lying about Ukraine the entire time, and by entire time I mean all the way back to the color revolution sponsored by Obama's CIA that deposed Yanukovich in 2014, through the first impeachment, and now the proxy war. 

For that reason, we've got to support Marjorie Taylor Greene's bill that passed the Foreign Affairs committee calling for an audit of Ukraine. 

Democrats never let a crisis go to waste. The uniparty will use this as a pretext to try to ram through the RESTRICT bill, which is before congress right now. It is the internet version of the PATRIOT Act, which has been repeatedly weaponized against American citizens, particularly conservatives, and especially against President Trump.

Please contact your congressional representative and US Senators, and demand that the RESTRICT bill be defeated and Marjorie Taylor Greene's audit bill be passed. The deep state is not America First and not your friend.  They are after your rights, freedom, and wealth. Don't give them more power. 

As Chris has been saying for months all the issues are coming back to Trump and things are turning. He is the only candidate willing to fight the deep state to the end. This incident further illustrates why he must be re-elected, and why we must continue to support America First candidates like Cory Mills. These are dangerous times, and sometimes the enemy is within.

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