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The Party of No (December 2nd, 2023)

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Remember 2010 when Obama was ramming Obamacare, Dodd Frank, and "shovel ready jobs" down our throats, he, along with the lap dog state media, labeled the GOP as the "Party of No." Was it true? Let's look at the evidence...

Since the 1980's the GOP has consistently failed conservatives on abortion, education, immigration, the border, debt ceiling, deficit spending, law and order, freedom of speech, and this past week religious liberty.

GOP leaders KNEW there was election fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona in 2020 and did nothing about it. In November in those states at least one America First candidate lost a tight election including a rising superstar, Kari Lake, in Arizona. 

Turtle McConnell raised 10's of millions as senate minority leader supposedly to help GOP senate candidates, yet picked winners and losers, and let real conservative candidates get out gunned and lose- including Masters, Baldoc, Laxalt, and Oz- and along with it the senate majority. Get ready for more supreme court justices who can't define what a woman is.

Republicans have stood idly by and let 10's of billions flow with zero oversight to Ukraine. They have sat on their thumbs while Fentanyl kills 10,000 Americans a month.

Who in the GOP has done anything about the weaponized FBI and DOJ as they try to destroy President Trump?

Who in the GOP other than Marjorie Taylor Green, Louis Gohmert, and Matt Gaetz has stood up to the draconian illegal detention and torture of the January 6 defendants in the DC gulag? 

And locally, where was the national and state GOP when Calvin Wimbish, Scotty Moore, and Bonnie Jackson really needed them?

It begs the question. Is the GOP really controlled opposition, loyal opposition, useful idiots, or simply one wing of the uniparty?

Turns out Obama was right, the GOP really is the party of no, but it isn't no to democrats, oh no, it is no to conservatives, all to the detriment of your family, freedom, and prosperity. 

I'm not okay with that, I hope you're not either. 

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