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The Left's Takeover of the Judiciary (September 1st, 2023)

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Lawfare. It is the politization of our justice system and courts. Democrats are experts at it, Republicans are clearly not, and the democrats have launched a full scale lawfare war on Republicans, especially Donald Trump, and freedom loving Americans.

How bad is it? And what does the media not report about the mission creep of lawfare?

Unlike Joe Biden, we at the American Adversaries don't lie and participate in plagiarism so I want to credit an excellent article posted yesterday in the American Thinker by Steve McCann called "Trump, Victim of a Radically Transformed Federal Judiciary" as a resource here. I highly recommend everybody check it out.

Democrats and left-wing media have long smeared the GOP for "stealing" 2 supreme court seats in 2016 and 2020, of "packing the supreme court" with Trump's 3 judicial confirmations- Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett. If you only listened to the drive by media and democrats, you'd think Republicans are the only ones engaging in "court packing."  Here's what they don't tell you.

Obama's inauguration in 2009 marked a sea change in the federal judiciary, as he over his 8 years followed by Joe Biden, arguably acting as his proxy for the last 3 years, have filled 371 out of 667 federal district court judicial seats nationwide.  There are currently 63 vacancies in the federal district courts, which thanks to democrat control of the senate, will be filled by Biden nominees, giving the left control of at least 434 of the 667 district court benches nationwide, or 65%.  These judges are almost without exception far left radicals, beholden to the radical ideology of Obama, dedicated to making law by judicial fiat and reshaping American society and jurisprudence, not interpreting the law with strict fidelity to the constitution. 

The only checks on the district courts are the Circuit Courts of Appeals and ultimately the Supreme Court. However, the appeals process is often long, murky, and really expensive, and justice delayed is often justice denied. 

Currently, thanks to Trump's unprecedented 4 year run of judicial confirmations; the Circuit Courts of Appeals are split at about 50/50 nationwide. Based on historical averages, if Trump does not win the 2024 election,  Biden, or whoever the next democrat president is, will appoint another 170 district court judges and at least 35 Circuit Court of Appeals judges from 2025-2028, which would result in Obama/Biden judicial nominees, the most radical and with the least fidelity to the constitution of any in the history of the country, controlling up to 595 out of 667, or about 89%, of district court benches, and up to 126, or 70%, of Circuit Court of Appeals benches.

Also, the two most conservative supreme court justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, will be 80 and 78 years old respectively by 2028, and if a democrat president, with a democrat senate, is successful in replacing the two of them the supreme court will then be flipped to 5-4 liberal and the comprehensive takeover will be complete.

We are rapidly approaching a crisis point in the federal judiciary, and that's not even factoring in George Soros' successful strategy of targeted spending to get radical DA's elected at the local and state levels, so you can see the urgency of the situation. We are fast approaching a situation where the judiciary will be that of lawfare, not of fair law, and Obama's 2008 promise of fundamentally transforming America will be fulfilled.

We have only one chance to stop this before we pass the point of no return, and that is to re-elect Donald Trump and flip the senate red in November of next year, because if the democrats win, our system of jurisprudence will collapse, and the nation will eventually collapse as well. 

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