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The Global Disinformation Index (February 17th, 2023)

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You may remember Nina Janckowicz, the White House's Disinformation Czar and Karioke show tunes singer, who resigned her post after 3 weeks of heavy scrutiny and criticism, which included her having to register as a foreign agent. The department she was to head and the furor over administration driven censorship died down there, but you really didn't think they were going to stop trying to censure political speech, did you?

You've probably never heard of the Global Disinformation Index, but you need to pay attention to them. It is a British firm with worldwide outreach attempting to control political narratives across the world, but particularly in the United States. It is funded in large part by the state department. Among their leaders are Ben Nimmo, global lead for threat intelligence at Facebook, and NYT reporter Anne Applebaum, who you may remember stated that Hunter Biden's business dealings were quote not interesting. They are also forming a partnership with the UN.

Their mission is to quote catalyze change, disrupt the business model of disinformation, and break incentives that exist to create and disseminate disinformation online. Sounds noble, right? Hardly. 

The GDI has compiled a "dynamic exclusion list" that it feeds to corporate entities, like Xandr, a Microsoft owned concern that places ads on websites. Now GDI is feeding Xandr, among others, propaganda on whose ad should be seen and where, effectively demonetizing content creators it disagrees with.

Among the more recognizable content creators who have suffered at the hands of GDI, as proxy of the state department and Biden administration, are the Washington Examiner, Reason Magazine, The Federalist, American Conservative, One America News, the Blaze, Daily Wire, Real Clear Politics, Breitbart, and the New York Post.  Those are just the most prominent of the more than 2000 outlets identified and attacked by GDI.

GDI is not the only company operating in the censorship space. Others to note are DoubleVerify, a publicly traded company that posted $112 million of ad revenue in November 2022 alone, and Integral Ad Science, another publicly traded company worth $1.6 billion. The three of them have teamed up to assist Twitter in its quote brand operation and safety moderation,  that started in January, and you thought Twitter had changed??? These companies are also at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence revolution, which takes the censorship to a completely different level.

The battle for your mind never stops, and the left will never stop trying to censor, distort, and demonetize the truth. That is why it is more important than ever to support media outlets like this show and this station, support the sponsors of the best shows and networks, and patronize substack journalists, all of whom are the real truth tellers. And most of all, contact your elected GOP representatives and demand investigations into these companies and government funding of them.    

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