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The Four Boxes of Democracy (September 8th, 2023)

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Last Friday we talked about how lawfare has been weaponized by the left against conservatives and especially Trump. But lawfare isn't just the cases brought and tried, it is also the cases that are denied or unfairly adjudicated.

Yesterday former Trump advisor Peter Navarro was convicted by a DC court of Contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate the with partisan January 6 Committee, the same committee that illegally destroyed evidence and records.

Contempt of Congress.... Tell me what is worse, Navarro thumbing his nose at the sham J-6 committee, or Eric Holder refusing to turn over evidence relating to Operation Fast and Furious, where the federal government sold weapons through straw buyers to Mexican cartels, one of which was used to murder US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose blood was literally on Holder's hands, but what Navarro did is somehow worse? Or how about Hillary Clinton,  whose IT provider refused to turn over evidence of classified documents on her private email server, and wiped other evidence with bleach bit and destroyed electronic devices. But what Peter Navarro did is worse?

How about former Trump attorney John Eastman, who is facing disbarment in California? In that trial former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who the state legislature appointed to investigate the 2020 election, testified under oath that election supervisors ignored state law and allowed democrat operatives to collect ballots from nursing homes when the law stated that the collectors had to be bi-partisan. Also, that Mark Zuckerberg's Center for Tech and Civic Life, gave $8.8 million to Wisconsin's 5 biggest cities, in the form of employment contracts, for his employees to work in election offices in those cities and collect voter information that is not readily available to the public, to see which democrat voters and only democrat voters had not returned mail in ballots and collect those ballots illegally.

In Georgia, where Trump and 18 others face RICO charges, the GA supreme court FINALLY allowed standing to the Trump campaign and voters to present cases and evidence of election fraud in Fulton County in 2020. Where were Secretary of State Raffensberger and Attorney General Carr? 

How about at the Supreme Court level when they denied standing in the Texas suit in 2021 that was joined by 17 states attorney generals and over 120 GOP congressional representatives? 

In an election case if the actual voters, the states certifying the elections, and the candidates themselves do not have standing then who in the world does? Can anybody rationally answer that?

In what world is it worse to walk around and wave a flag in the capitol building chanting USA, USA on January 6 than to throw Molotov cocktails at police officers, burn cop cars, destroy 10's of millions worth or private property, take over federal buildings, and block public thoroughfares nationwide in coordinated "protests?" So one is an insurrection, the other is a peaceful protest, see how the game is played?

The judicial system was created as a separate but equal branch of government to act as an impartial referee based on the rule of law between the other two branches, to serve as a check and balance against tyranny, and to protect the individual's rights and rights of the minority; regardless of political ideology, consensus of thought, or what is popular in culture at a given moment. But what happens when the referee starts picking sides and no longer follows the rules impartially? The game and the results of the game become illegitimate and chaos ensues.

As Lady Margaret Thatcher once said, "Our sovereignty does not come from Brussels, it is ours by right and heritage." Likewise, our republic does not come from Washington, it comes from our God given rights and heritage as free men.  

Or to put it where even a simple guy from rural South Georgia like me can understand, our republic is based on four boxes- the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the ammo box. I am on my soapbox discussing what is going on in the jury box so we can fix it at the ballot box because God help us if it comes to the ammo box.  

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