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The DC Nursing Home (July 28th, 2023)

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"Just say aye Senator Feinstein" Or freeze mid-sentence and appear to be suffer a stroke while speaking to the press, like Senator McConnell. Or suffer a real stroke and be unable to complete a cogent thought, like Senator Fetterman. Or perhaps fall numerous times climbing stairs, fall off a bicycle, require written instructions for everything, need handlers to lead him by the arm where he's supposed to go, only do scripted interviews, and stammer often, like President Biden. Or become an invalid figurehead with a brain tumor and die in office, like Senator Teddy Kennedy.

 The President, 16 US Senators, and 15 congressional representatives are over 75 years old.  Another 18 senators and 43 congressional reps are over 70. So over a third of the senate and about an eighth of the house are over 70 years old.  Am I alone in sometimes thinking that we are running a nursing home in Washington instead of a country?  What is it that makes these politicians- many of whom have never been anything but politicians like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer- stubbornly cling to power long past their prime and competency?

Do these people cling to power because they love the country or are they addicted to the power, perks, status, and most of all the wealth that comes with the office?

Why do we the people keep voting for these- excuse the pun- bitter clingers, who so clearly do not love the country, do not represent our best interests regardless of party, have consistently put their political interests above the people's interests, weakened our social structure and world standing, ran up a $32 trillion deficit, in some cases are incompetent and incapable, and are there for all the wrong reasons?

We often talk about how an unelected bureaucracy runs the country, and justifiably so, but what about these representatives who are elected but incapable? Who's running their offices, making decisions, pulling the strings? They are far more powerful than bureaucrats and just as unelected and just as unaccountable.  

Have you ever asked yourself what has any national level politician not named Donald Trump actually given up to run for office? Clearly they are intoxicated by power and wealth, and only seek to obtain, retain, and expand their power and wealth- at our expense and the elected office is the platform to make it all happen, often for life. 

President Trump walked away from a billionaire lifestyle, worldwide real estate portfolio, one of the highest rated shows on TV, successful retail clothing line, a personal brand as a cultural icon... really, the epitome of the American dream, to make America great again because he saw the problem that we all see, live every day, and he was and IS willing to sacrifice all that to do something about it. 

Can you name any other political figure who has sacrificed so much, and for what? To be slandered, smeared, ostracized, sued, and charged with dozens of felonies all because he sought to live up to and restore the ideals of public service that our founders envisioned for all elected representatives. Nobody else in Washington and certainly not Joe Biden can say that.   

The bad news is that we the people have enabled this. The good news is that we the people can fix it. So I implore all of you, before you cast your vote in the primaries and general election next year, ask yourself which candidates love the country and which candidates love the office. Vote for the candidates who are in it for the right reasons. That is our first and most vital step into fixing our country and restoring OUR American greatness.

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