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Senatorial Debates (October 21st, 2022)

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Since last Friday, I watched two senatorial debates, with questions from the left-wing moderators about rising sea levels causing hurricanes in Florida to whose responsibility it is to pay for abortions in Georgia. No questions were asked about illegal immigration and fentanyl crisis. Since the media won’t cover it, let me do their job for them. 

The US has sent about $64b to Ukraine so far this year. We’ve spent $16b on border security, or ¼ as much. Is our border really only worth ¼ as much as Ukraine’s? 

Five Americans have been killed in the Ukraine conflict. Five.  

73k Americans died from fentanyl this year as of September 30. For perspective only 58k thousand Americans total died in the Vietnam War. So in the last 9 months fentanyl has killed 1.25 times as many Americans as died total in the Vietnam War. 

Mexican cartels take in $150B/year from human trafficking and drug smuggling. For perspective General Motors gross revenue for 12 months ending June 30 was $132B. So the Mexican cartels are doing 12% more business than General Motors. Is that okay?

It is estimated that 4m illegal aliens have crosses since Biden took office. That’s about half the population of Virginia and more than 22 states.  

I bet that every one of you listening has a friend or family member affected by fentanyl, illegal alien crime, or knows somebody who has. I bet 99% of you have no economic or social interest in Ukraine whatsoever and I bet 95% of the people on social media who have Ukraine flags in their profile couldn’t point out Ukraine on a map, so who really benefits from sending $64b to Ukraine?   

No state is a Ukraine border state and no town is a Ukraine border town but every state is a southern border state and every town is a southern border town. The situation at the border, on our streets, and in our households is deadly, expensive, and unsustainable. We must demand the new GOP majority fund border security, fully fund the police, finish the wall, and mandate draconian sentences for human and drug trafficking and hold Biden accountable. Vote America First like your life depends on it on November 8, because quite literally it does.  

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