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Russia, Russia, Russia (February 23)

Updated: Apr 22

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The more things change the more they remain the same, don't they? It's an election year, so it must be time for the democrats, RINO's, and corporate state media to dust off their best and most tried and true boogeyman, Vladimir Putin and Russia, Russia, Russia. 

This week, the Biden DOJ arrested Alexander Smirnov, an FBI confidential informant since 2010, who stated that Joe and Hunter Biden took bribes from Ukraine in an FBI form 1023. The same prosecutor who got busted crafting a sweetheart plea for Hunter last year is the one who indicted Smirnov. Smirnov's crime? Being in contact with the Russians, even though he was paid by the FBI to talk to Russians.

You may or may not have heard of a Ukranian diplomat named Andrii Telizhenko. He worked for a firm called Blue Star Strategies, which was hired by Burisma as a lobbyist. Telizhenko has testified in detail about the Biden family corruption in Ukraine. He was at the epicenter of the corruption. He has more insider information than just about anybody. Now he has been sanctioned by the US Treasury Dept for get this... election interference and Mitt Romney, of all people, blocked a subpoena to have him testify further. Go figure....  

CBS fired the one true journalist on their staff, Catherine Herridge, and tried to seize her notes and documents. Her crime? Investigative reporting on Biden corruption, the first Trump impeachment over Ukraine, the Mueller investigation, and Crossfire Hurricane. She is being sued too in an attempt to out her confidential sources. You and I both know the reason, she is over the target.

And of course President Trump was impeached for daring to inquire about all the corruption that anybody with one eye and half sense can see has been occurring for at least 10 years in Ukraine involving the highest reaches of the federal government.

Smirnov, Telizhenko, Herridge and most of all Trump know the crimes, who committed them, when and where, can prove them, and are a threat to the corruption and money laundering; even if the uniparty, deep state, and drive by media refuse to acknowledge it and gas light you to hide it.

Because of the corrupt and illegal actions of democrat leadership in Washington, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, and the CIA starting in the 2013 color revolution in Ukraine; the following is undeniably true:

  1. Ukraine would be fully intact with the Crimea peninsula, the Black sea ports, and the eastern provinces; and would be the energy hub and breadbasket of free Europe.

  2.  Russia would be isolated and much worse off financially as it was during the Trump presidency.

  3. Russia, China, and Iran would have likely not formed a strategic alliance.

  4.  The EU's strategic energy sources, food supply, security, and overall economy would be on much firmer ground.

  5. There would be way less bribery and money laundering of US politicians going on in Ukraine.

  6. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians would still be alive.

  7. The United States would be hundreds of billions of dollars wealthier. 

All undeniably true then and now. 

So what was Trump guilty of exactly in his now famous phone call to the deep state stooge Zelinskyy? Disagreeing with the unelected cabal who run our foreign policy, of course! 99 percent of the people on any street in this country don't know who Victoria Nuland is, but she controls American foreign policy and wherever she goes, war and corruption quickly follow. 

Contrary to democrats, deep state, and the media narrative, Russia isn't our greatest threat- it's not even in the top 5- and Ukraine is an absolute a cradle of corruption and a money pit, swallowing up billions of tax dollars we really don't have, hence our $34 trillion debt.

As I have said, the greatest threat to the American constitutional republic is within the federal government, by criminally corrupt politicians like Joe Biden, by unelected officials like Victoria Nuland, Alexander Vindman, Eric Ciaramella, by our shadow world government, by the CIA, and by the corrupt state media who doesn't do its job and serve as a watch dog. 

Expose them, you lose your freedom. Report on them, you lose your career. Question them, you get impeached. 

That has to change, and it can, starting in November with re-electing President Trump and restoring our government and foreign policy to the elected, to the people, and our policies and operations to the sunlight.

In these times, the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice as much as it is conformity. Conformity is what has given us Ukraine and the Russian lie. Courage is what made America great and will make America great again. Courage will get us out of this mess. Courage is leadership. Courage is on the ballot this November in the name of President Trump, and a vote for Trump is a vote against conformity and cowardice and a vote for courage.  

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