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Russia, or the United States? (February 16th)

Updated: Apr 22

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This morning, a guy you've probably never heard of before, Alexei Navalny, died unexpectedly in his jail cell. So why am I mentioning it here and why should you care?

Navalny was 47 years old and a political opponent and very vocal critic of Russian President Vladamir Putin, having run against Putin and survived a previous assassination attempt in 2020 before being jailed in Siberia, where he died this morning after feeling lightheaded after a walk.

Criticism from the Biden administration was fast and pointed, with Joe Biden saying he was outraged, Kamala Harris and Anthony Blinken both stating that "Russia was responsible," and Blinken further stating that "we'll be talking to other countries about this." The corporate owned state media has been united in its blame of Putin and the left-wing rage mob on X, formerly known as Twitter, has been in an uproar.

So what kind of government would jail a President's chief political rival with the intent of him dying in prison and ignore the suspicious death of a powerful adversary whose knowledge presented an existential threat to the regime while in prison?

What kind of government would chase whistle blowers and independent journalists who covered and exposed crimes by the government to the ends of the earth, driving them into exile, or outright killing them?

What kind of government would enlist its cabinet agencies, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and courts to whitewash crimes by its leaders while at the same time surveilling, investigating, spreading lies, and prosecuting its political rivals?

What kind of government would arrest thousands of peaceful political protestors, try them in star chamber courts, then give them draconian sentences in squalor like prisons?

What kind of government would align with corrupt foreign oligarchs to start and fund wars, launder billions of dollars, and work behind the scenes to rig elections and overthrow foreign governments?   


What kind of government would fund and operate secret laboratories engaging in research and production of deadly chemical and biological weapons, some just miles from other nations' sovereign borders?

What kind of government would rig elections in its favor, surveil its own citizens, determine who could run for office based on political ideology, force unproven vaccines into its citizens, enforce laws arbitrarily based on ideology, dig up dormant obscure laws from 150 years ago to prosecute its political rivals, use its school systems to indoctrinate its youth, reward compliant media and punish real investigative journalism? 

What kind of government has been in an armed conflict, foreign police action, or outright declared war for all but only 17 years in its entire existence. What kind of government would do that?

What if I told you that same government had the most laws and the most people incarcerated in the entire world?

Do you think such a government would dare brand itself as the beacon of freedom, leader of the free world, and most just and morally pure nation on earth?

In case you haven't caught on I am talking about the United States of America, not Russia, not Communist China, not North Korea, not Iran, nor any other state adversary.

Folks, our nation is broke, $34 trillion and climbing in debt, and we illegally start, fund, and foment war around the world. We engage in acts that we find reprehensible if done by our adversaries, and our government has strayed so far from the principles of our founding fathers that it is hardly recognizable.

That same regime is asking, no demanding, that you vote to keep them in power in November, and they are actively working against the will of the citizens in so many instances to do so, by using propaganda, tax dollars, and changing laws to tip the scales in their favor.   

We've still got a chance to course correct, but the hour is getting late, and the further we stray from our constitution and the broker we get, the less likely it will happen.  That course correction starts with electing America First federal candidates running in our listening area like Cory Mills, Rick Scott, Mike Waltz, and most of all Donald Trump.

We've got a chance to restore the promise and goodness of America, because with each passing day, we become more like our enemies than our ideals, and we are losing the promise and the destiny we all believe God has in store for our great nation.

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