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RNC vs DNC (February 2nd)

Updated: Apr 22

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Recently on Steve Bannon's War Room show, RNC Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel refused to state that the 2020 election had been stolen from President Trump, and the 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial election had been stolen from Kari Lake.

Instead, she hemmed and hawed about "problems with the ballots" in 2020 and GOP factions in Arizona sabotaging Lake. At no point did she, a) acknowledge a problem that she had a large part in creating by her inaction as Chairwoman of the RNC, b) express support for Trump or Lake, or C) communicate an actionable plan to thwart democrat election cheating.... just a huge swing and miss.

This week, Jennifer Van Laar of Red State did a deep dive into the fiscal year 2023 budgetary FEC filings of both the RNC and DNC and the results were shocking but sadly, not surprising.

Before I share what I think are the most important results I want to add some context. 

Every dollar you spend or save falls into one of two broad categories, either needs or wants. 

Needs are dollars you absolutely have to spend, like food, clothing , shelter, utilities, transportation, etc. 

Wants are broadly defined as digressionary spending, things that aren't vital to day to day living but are nice to have and may enrich your lifestyle and enjoyment- like sports tickets, dining out, movie tickets, vacations.

Political national committees have needs and wants, too. Needs based spending is spending that is crucial to accomplishing their goals and mission. Wants based spending is perks and inducements to volunteers or donors.

So, for fiscal year 2023, here are some wants spending for both the Republican and Democrat National Committees: 

Floral arrangements: RNC $70,328  DNC $795

Management Consultants: RNC $1,078,279  DNC $114,000

Office Supplies, which includes such "necessities" as coffee and liquor: RNC $297,717  DNC $45,005

Limousines: RNC $263,127  DNC $7,000

Now for some needs based spending:

Voter File Maintenance: RNC $39,233  DNC  $235,865

Get Out The Vote/Voter Motivation Text Messaging: RNC $86,019  DNC $1,676,923

Transfers to state parties: RNC $13,800,200  DNC  $23,835,437

So, for our example of wants based spending the RNC outspent the DNC by a factor of about 10 to 1. 

And for our example of needs based spending the DNC outspent the RNC by a factor of 18 to 1, and in disbursements to state parties the DNC outspent the RNC by a factor of almost 2 to 1.

To add further context, our friends at True the Vote, who you remember from the film "2000 Mules," spent 10 times as much as the RNC on Voter File Maintenance during the same accounting period. 10 TIMES!!!!

There's an old saying in boxing that "you don't play boxing." Well, the same thing applies here, you don't play politics, especially at this point in our history. One side is playing for keeps, and one side is playing patty cake. 

One side is a well organized, goal oriented, hyper focused group with plenty of financing , plenty of manpower, and with a singular purpose of total domination. 

The other side is a dysfunctional mish mash of grifters engaging in a circular firing squad of indulgent self destruction. That side now needs a $10 million credit line to just stay liquid and has not demonstrated the capability of winning or governing.

It is long past time for new blood and a new direction at the RNC, for as much as Trump is our only hope in November, the RNC has not given us any reason to hope or feel confidence, and a strong and effective RNC is vital to the real goal of stopping the onset of Marxism, winning the culture war, restoring fiscal sanity, returning our nation to the vision of our founders, and reassuming our rightful place as the Shining City on the Hill.

To quote Frederick Millar in 1907, "The root of socialism is cowardice,  but who among the leaders of their political parties has the manliness to tell them the truth about this matter?" We know President Trump does, but who else in the RNC and GOP does, and who will be the leader to take the party forward at the organizational level into and past the next Trump presidency, because if that leader doesn't emerge, the GOP is dead, and Marxism and eventually socialism will fill that void. It is one of the greatest, and least pondered, questions of our current time.  

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