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Marxist Takeover of Our Institutions (January 12th)

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I want to take you back in the way back machine to 1971, a time when 25.7% of journalists identified as Republican. Since then, that number has fallen steadily to a paltry 3.4% now, based on annual surveys from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications.

On 40 leading university campuses, a recent survey by the National Communications Association found the number of tenured faculty who identified as Republican to be 314 out of 7,243 surveyed, or 4.33%.

These surveys quantify what we can see with our own two eyes, which is that the national venues of communication and education lean heavily left, and are de facto propaganda arms of the progressive movement and democrat party. No reasonable person can deny that. It is plain to see.    

But that's just the ideological part. There is also a practical component, where billionaire activists donate money to media companies and academia to ensure the narrative they want gets reported or taught, and damaging reporting or contrarian views get suppressed or censured. 

Bill Gates has donated $319 million to major media organizations over the years. Some of the major recipients are NPR $24 million, The Guardian $12.95 million, Univision $5.9 million, NBC Universal $4.73 million, the BBC $3.7 million, and CNN $3.6 million. 

And you wonder why the World Economic Forum gets glowing coverage, why Gates' involvement with Jeffrey Epstein is more or less ignored, as well as the fact that he is now the largest owner of seeds in the world and has bought up a staggering amount of farmland worldwide, not to mention his propaganda regarding vaccines. 

Since 2003 George Soros has spent more than $52 million funding Think Progress, NPR, Mother Jones, MSNBC, and obscure yet powerful entities like Project Syndicate, which feeds propaganda to 462 leading newspapers in 150 countries, with a monthly circulation of 72.8 million. From his pet project ProPublica to his outsized support and influence at the Columbia School of Broadcasting and the Anneberg School of Communication at University of Pennsylvania, Soros is controlling the media and academic narrative, which stories are reported and how they are presented, all from behind the scenes. 

There are six conglomerates that own a staggering majority of American and worldwide print and electronic media. National Amusements, Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, Newscorp, Sony, and Ventures.  Combined those companies are worth $430 billion, and among their CEO's, only Rupert Murdoch identifies as republican, and he's 92 years old.

In the tech sector, donations to democrats dwarfed those to republicans- Netflix 98% democrat, Nividia 93%, Adobe 93%, IBM 90%, Alphabet which is Google 88%, just to name the biggest ones. Out of the 17 largest tech companies, only one- Qualcomm is not solidly democrat, splitting their donations 50/50.

As you can see, there is no real objective press in 2024. The freedoms given to the press by the first amendment have been hijacked and are now used as an instrument of influence and control- to control the flow of information, political thought, the education of our children, public policy, and to influence markets- all bought and paid for by the globalists and the left, who definitely do not have your best interests in mind. 

The media is no longer the watchdog of the government, it is now the lapdog of the government, owned by the corporate oligarchs. And the federal government funding and controlling what your children are taught was never ever, and is certainly not now, in your best interest nor in the best interest of society.

When political ideology is prioritized over reality, moral absurdism is always the result.

It is incumbent on us as free thinking individuals believing in American Judeo-Christian ideals to do our own research, educate ourselves and those with whom we have influence- especially our children- and to the extent you can, shun and turn off the major corporate media sources in favor of independent and citizen journalism, podcasts, X, and talk radio. 

Our mission here on Patriot Home Funding Friday every week is to counter the propaganda, cover the things that affect us daily that the corporate media either gaslights, twists, or ignores, give you thoughtful and factual commentary, and hopefully give you something to think about. 

So stay with us and remember to always think critically, follow your moral compass, and rely on your faith, because the battle for our minds and souls is at full pitch, and with God's will and our belief, We The People, will always prevail. 

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