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Hope Ain't A Plan (March 3rd, 2023)

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The February Consumer Sentiment numbers are out and while consumer sentiment is rising, it remains about midway between its all-time low of last June when inflation was in double digits and its historical average. Not good.


The index of current conditions is increasing while the index of future expectations remains relatively flat, lagging behind current conditions by about 10%, and the spread is widening.


So what are future expectations? Isn't it just another way of saying "hope?" It has long been said that hope is not a business strategy, but isn't hope the ultimate business strategy? The thing that at its core drives us all? A hope for a better life? A better world? A better life for our children than what we have?


The Architect told Neo in the Matrix that hope is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness. Hope is one of the most basic of human emotions, driving us every single day, hopefully (pun intended) for the better.


Isn't leadership based on hope? The greatest leaders inspire hope. Some of the greatest political leaders of our lifetime used hope to rise to the presidency, from JFK's high hopes to Reagan's Morning in America to Bush Sr's thousand points of light to Obama's hope and change to Trump's make America great again.  All selling hope, all victorious.


So what hope does Joe Biden offer? Hope for a one world government? So called equity where we are all reduced to the lowest common denominator? Unfettered abortion? Sexual dysphoria and deviance in our children? A police state where the powers of government are deployed to crush dissent, free speech, and free enterprise? 

That 10% difference between current conditions and expectations I referenced earlier? That's the void of leadership by Biden and his failure to inspire hope.


Shouldn't our hope be for American exceptionalism, opportunity for all, the rule of law, sovereignty, family, and most of all God, who offers the greatest hope of all in His word. Is hope the dirty streets, decadence, and slums of blue cities or is hope the shining city on the hill that Reagan spoke of?


It shouldn't even be a debate but somehow it is, and the stakes have never been higher. Always choose hope. Choose the best of American ideals. Don't settle.


And know this, whoever among Biden, DeSantis, and Trump can most effectively convey a message of hope to the American people over the next 21 months will be the man who, ironically enough, puts his hand on the Bible, the greatest message of hope there is, on January 20, 2025. Let's HOPE we get it right this time.    


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