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Hate Trump? Understood. Now, Vote for him Anyway.

We vote not just for a President, but for a presidency.  Particularly for voters concerned about Mideast policy, it’s hard to argue with the accomplishments—too many of which we already take for granted. You might (grudgingly) concede that this presidency has been, by-and-large, a success.

I know.  Many of you loathe President Trump.  He triggers your contempt, disdain, scorn and various Trumpian synonyms still to be coined.  You find him vulgar, narcissistic, dishonest, ignorant, bigoted, divisive, uncouth, misogynistic, racist, nativistic, Islamophobic and antisemitic, not to mention a fraud, con-man and tax cheat.  You “sat shiva” mourning his unimaginable election; your revulsion has only snowballed since.  You disbelieve his every word, including “and” and “the.”  Evidence or not, you remain convinced that he colluded with Russia to unfairly defeat Hillary Clinton.  His lack of moral compass and coddling dictators and white supremacists sickens you.  And, embarrassed as you are that he is President, you are even more appalled by his voters.  (Did I leave anything out?)

Understood.  I may disagree, but I certainly understand where you are coming from. I respect that this is how you not-unreasonably see things.  I won’t try to convince you otherwise.  For real.

Now, take a deep breath.  Hold your nose.  And vote for Trump anyway.  For real.

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