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Hamas at the Gates (October 13th, 2023)

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Reaction to the Hamas attack against Israeli civilians last weekend has been pretty much unanimous. Hamas was rightly condemned for their atrocities nationwide with one notable exception- the quote "elite universities."

At the University of Washington, students took time off from getting ready for their big game against Oregon tomorrow to take to the streets in support of Hamas, chanting "There is only one solution, Intifada revolution."

University of Virginia, "Students for Justice in Palestine" publicly declared that they "Stand in solidarity with Hamas."

George Mason University, students chanted "They've got tanks, we've got gliders, glory to the resistance fighters."

A Stanford professor was removed from the classroom after making Jewish students stand in a corner, told them that Israel does that to the Palestinians,  and asked them how many were killed in the Holocaust. When a Jewish student replied 6 million, the professor stated that Israel was a colonizer and colonizers had killed more than 6 million." The Stanford student newspaper described the terror attacks as "part of the protracted struggle against settler-colonial oppression."

The son of Jo Malone of Jo Malone perfume,  which is sold at many high-end stores including Neiman Marcus, is the leader of the Harvard "Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee." He was behind a written statement and demonstration that blamed Israel for the Hamas terror attack.  

At Columbia University, there was a pro- Hamas demonstration that drew over a thousand students, and sadly these pro-Hamas demonstrations have been played out in universities nationwide.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh warned us over 30 years ago of the "red diaper doper babies," who had taken over college classrooms and administrations in the 1970's, 80's and 90's? Those administrators produced the current generation of progressive politicians, judges, captains of industry, and media and entertainment giants that have polluted our culture and body politic, bankrupted our country, and led America into endless wars... and the next generation of Marxists being produced by the elite universities are even more brainwashed, will inherit even greater riches, and stand ready to inflict even more- and permanent- damage to our nation and the world.  

Imagine being a Jewish student at one of these universities and being a good little Marxist, going along with the mob, supporting BLM in the summer of 2000, voting straight ticket democrat, flying the Ukraine flag and putting it in your social media avatar last year, and supporting DEI and ESG all along. Where did THAT get you? 

The authoritarian control of our universities by the communist progressives on the left has turned every issue, every question, every debate into a Maoist purity test, where you either conform or be cast out, and you better toe the party line- or else you are a threat to "our democracy" and must be cancelled. I guess you could call it "evangelical Marxism."

So how does it get fixed? And can it get fixed? Well, we've heard Israeli billionaires Idan and Batia Ofer, who donated $20m to the Harvard Kennedy School, have quit the school's Board. Wharton School mega-donor Marc Rowan has publicly called on Jewish donors and conservatives to close their wallets to the elite universities. Pershing Square Capital Management founder and CEO Bill Ackman has demanded names of pro-Hamas students from the Ivy League schools to blacklist them from Wall Street.

The Ivy league schools have endowments, tax free endowments, totaling tens of millions of dollars each, yet still receive millions of your federal tax dollars, and Biden wants to forgive government issued student loan debt, which is yet another transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the Marxist indoctrination centers.

But is isn't just the major universities, Marxist indoctrination is happening all over the country, at all levels of education, right under our noses, and we the people are financing it.  That's why we have to stand up starting at the local level. Get involved in your PTA, school board meetings, vet the candidates, immerse yourself in your child's extra-curricular activities, demand to see the curricula, books, and syllabuses used in the classroom, and most of all, talk to your kids every single day.  If you want your kids to have your values, your moral compass, and worship your God, YOU must make that happen, and it starts at home. As we have seen time and again, you can never count on or trust the government, especially with your children. 

Hopefully this will be a great awakening in our institutions of learning. Let's hope so, it is the least we can do to honor the memory of those who were senselessly murdered.

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