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GOP Blows A Layup (November 3rd, 2023)

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One of the worst things you can do in basketball is blow a layup. If you are a Magic fan you immediately think back to Courtney Lee blowing a layup in game 2 of the 2009 NBA Finals which wound up costing the Magic a road split in LA and greatly reduced their chances of winning the title, which they eventually lost.

But what happens if you blow a layup in politics? Look no further than the Republican party this week for your answer.

A couple of days ago, 22 republicans in the House of Representatives voted with democrats to table a motion sponsored by Majorie Taylor Greene to censure the Diva of Dearbornistan, Rashida Tlaib, for her consistent ant-semitic remarks and actions. Another 13 republicans couldn't be bothered to show up and vote.  

In case you didn't know, Tlaib incited an insurrection into the Capital last week, called Israel an apartheid state, a racist state, and stated, quote, "There's kind of a calming feeling when I think of the holocaust."

You'd think that a non-binding censure against an avowed anti-semite, after Israel's version of 9/11, and in time of war with factions calling for their destruction would be a layup for the house GOP, right? Think again. So much for the Jewish vote next year....

In the senate on Wednesday, empty vessel Glitch McConnell sicced his RINO attack dogs- Joni Ernst, Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, Dan Sullivan, and Todd Young- none of whom are facing re-election next year- on Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, because Tuberville has the audacity to object to the woke policies being forced on the military including the military paying for abortions. 

What Tuberville has done is to not allow Biden's military appointments and promotions to be approved by unanimous consent. Rather, he has demanded that each appointment or promotion be actually voted on individually.  Let's go on the record and show the voters who really is okay with the taxpayers paying for abortions, in violation of the Hyde Amendment. Reverse the abortion policy and we go back to business as usual. 

You'd think that would be a layup for the senate GOP, right? Think again. So much for the right to life vote next year.....

Yesterday, a standalone aid bill for Israel passed the house in a bipartisan vote with 12 democrats crossing the aisle. The 3 headed monster of Biden, Schumer, and McConnell were not impressed. Schumer pronounced it DOA, Biden threatened to veto it, and McConnell held fast to his position that any aid bill must include money to Ukraine, despite recent polling showing only 52% of democrats and 35% of republicans supporting more aid to Ukraine. You'd think it would be a layup to listen to 65% of your voters, but not for RINO Glitch McConnell.

I could go on and on with the blown layups- RINO's voting for the Inflation Reduction Act, not releasing the J6 footage, not impeaching Mayorkis, Wray, and Garland, not subpoenaing Hunter Biden, the debt ceiling deal, not standing up for the J6 protestors, not investigating Fauci, not securing our elections, and most of all hanging President Trump out to dry, it is a seemingly never-ending list.   

One thing is for sure, if you blow enough layups you will lose. Just like with Courtney Lee and the Magic, sometimes it only takes one to lose. But this isn't a basketball game, this is the future of our country, and we republican voters have been lied to, sold out, and in many cases like the J6 defendants, sacrificed by our representatives that we donated to, campaigned for, voted for, and most of all trusted. 

From the McLosers of McDaniel at the RNC, McConnell in the senate, and former house speaker McCarthy, our GOP leadership, with the exception of President Trump, continually blow layups and work against the interest and will of the voters. It is long past time for that to end.

I guess Walt Kelly's classic character, and America's favorite possum, Pogo had it right back in 1970 when he said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."  And folks, that's a slam dunk.

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