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Georgia Garbage (October 27th, 2023)

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In the past week, Faux Fat Fani Willis has secured 4 plea deals in her sprawling RICO case against President Trump and his supposed inner circle in Atlanta, against our old friend Sidney Powell and Scott Hall in the Coffee County case, and Jenna Ellis and Kenneth Cheseboro for filing false documents.

Naturally the left-wing drive by media ran wild, branding the defendants as criminals, and crowing the tired old refrain we've heard for the past 7 years, that these pleas are "bombshells" and "the walls are closing in."

But are the walls really closing in? 

Each of Faux Fat Fani's guilty pleas carries language under Georgia's first offender act that states, quote, "no judgment of guilt be imposed at this time" and each defendant will be quote "completely exonerated of guilt" after completing their probation.  

So outside of some apology letters, Jenna Ellis having to do community service, which means that she will have to do something akin to picking up trash or washing cop cars, which actually may be entertaining, this is a nothing burger in the scheme of things. None of these pleas indicate there is a racketeering case to be made. What they do indicate that this is a blatant shock and awe political prosecution, designed to dominate news cycles, bleed political enemies, gag them, and score political points.

Also, these kinds of slap on the wrist deferred plea resolutions are what the Garland DOJ gave to the Portland Antifa and BLM rioters nationwide in 2021, but not to people who entered the capitol on January 6, many of whom stole nothing, destroyed nothing, and followed the orders of capitol police. Nope, they get to rot in jail, bankrupt and alone.

Faux Fat Fani is using the same script the corrupt FBI and DOJ used against General Flynn. Overcharge, then threaten the accused with long jail terms, bleed them financially, never present actual evidence to be cross examined in a court of law, extract a plea deal to generate publicity and gag the defendant.

As for President Trump, earlier this week Black Jack Smith went all in on requesting an even more draconian gag order when the original gag order was stayed by the judge who issued it, which was a violation of the first amendment I might add. Why would he want such a draconian gag order? To control the narrative with the help of the media, and to quash the truth.

President Trump countered by petitioning the court to allow classified documents to be entered into evidence which prove there was foreign interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Lost in the shuffle is Trump's executive order 13848 from 2018, which has been extended by Biden 3 times, which declares foreign election interference a national emergency, and stipulates that all assets of those interfering will be seized, their transactions blocked, and that entry and exit from the US will be denied.

The evidence in those classified documents, when combined with  Inspector General Horowitz's findings in 2018 and Special Counsel John Durham's report in May of this year, will completely nuke whatever case Smith thinks he has, and then turn the spotlight back on Biden, Alejandro Mayorkis, and Janet Yellen- who have the authority and duty to act under Trump's executive order. This is absolutely delicious.  

I find it hard to believe Garland and the Biden administration don't know this, that Smith doesn't know this, and all the communist lawfare attorneys on Twitter, the blogsphere, and in the media don't know this. 

First they said there was no evidence, then they said there was no credible evidence, then they said no evidence was enough to make a difference, then they said there was no widespread evidence.  The pucker factor is just now starting to get turned up on the bad actors. Like Chris has long said, this is the year it all turns.

As for Black Jack Smith, Judge Chutkin, their gag orders, and President Trump, perhaps Robert E. Lee said it best in September 1865, "It appears to me that the allayment of passion, the dissipation of prejudice, and the restoration of reason, will alone enable the people of the country to acquire a true knowledge and form a correct judgment of the events of the past four years."

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