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Freedom Caucus vs McLosers (January 6th, 2023)

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The Freedom caucus Republicans holding up the coronation of Kevin McCartney as Speaker of the House have been called everything from insurrectionists to terrorists by the swamp media and the GOP establishment itself, let alone the democrats and their media machine. But who among the GOP is really representing We The People?

Our constitutional representative republic style of government was constructed to ensure the rights of the individual and the few are protected from the tyranny of the many. It is designed to promote robust debate, not meager compliance.  So why is the media, the GOP establishment, and democrats so shocked and upset that there is an actual debate on the floor of congress?

Could it be that the GOP establishment and leadership headed by the McLosers have done nothing about the Biden's illegal border policy? About Biden unconstitutionally cancelling student loan debt? The destruction of our energy supply? About the DOJ prosecuting January 6 protestors but not BLM rioters? Not prosecuting democrat activists doxxing and attempting to intimidate Supreme Court justices at their homes? The FBI illegally spying on the Trump campaign and two impeachments of which one was over a phone call?

About election fraud and states unconstitutionally changing voting laws to favor democrats?  Unconstitutional lockdowns? Mandating vaccines? Squashing free speech through coercion with social media, intimidation on college campuses, and a Ministry of Truth? About taxpayer money funding DEI and ESG?  $30 trillion in debt? About giving $100B to Ukraine with no oversight or debate? Passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill with no debate in the still of the night? About not advancing the conservative and free market policies We The People elected them to do when we had a GOP president and control of both houses in 2017 and 2018?

I could go on and on but the point is that no GOP's I know voted for this and I don't know anybody who is okay with it. So why are 200+ GOP representatives supporting it? Are the Freedom caucus members the only true representatives listening to their voters and the GOP base?   

Instead of calling the freedom caucus terrorists and insurrectionists, the media and GOP establishment, and all of us, should be calling them patriots and heroes. They are the only GOP representatives who are actually doing what they campaigned to do. We must demand better from our elected representatives, who I would remind you, are our servants and not our rulers. Let the debate rage on, and let the voices of We The People finally be heard.

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