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Festivus (December 23rd, 2022)

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Today is Festivus, a day to air our grievances, so today I am going to air some of my grievances at Mitch McConnell and the senate RINOs.

This week Mitch McConnell faced the American people and said, "Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most republicans." 

I'm sorry, but funding a turf war to the tune of $100b a year between the two most corrupt governments in Europe is not my top priority and I suspect it is not yours.

McConnell bragged that he and the senate GOPs got everything they wanted in the omnibus bill. Really?

Did the GOP voters want at least $7.5m directed to LBGTQA+ groups peddling radical gender ideology? 

Did you want at least $30m directed to climate change and radical environmental justice?  

Did you want over at least $100m spent on solar panel projects? 

Did you want at least $13m spent on diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

Did you want least $19m spent on "racial justice?" 

And my personal favorite, $3,167,500 for the "Michelle Obama Trail" in my home state of Georgia. I'm guessing that wasn't on your list of priorities, either. Did the GOP voters want that? Because McConnell and his 18 RINOs voted for all of it and much much more, all on top of the legislative gifts they have given Biden and his woke mob since Jan 2021..

McConnell, McDaniel and the RINOS made sure Blake Masters was outspent 8-1, Herschel Walker was outspent 4-1, Adam Laxalt was outspent 3-1, and McConnell personally made sure GOP candidate Kelly Tshibaka didn't win in Alaska.

Yet again, the establishment of the GOP has turned their backs on all of us.  Now do you see why every political party, every institution, every bureaucracy, almost every media outlet, and all of big tech conspired against President Trump and still continue to do so? 

Trump was right, it is US they are after, he is just standing in the way. We have 23 months to figure out what kind of country we want. Is it the woke globalist dystopia ruled by the DC elites and the world economic forum, or is it America first? Think, pray, act. The time is now. We've got a country to save.

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