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Europe in Fear

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Yesterday, at the G7 summit, Joe Biden wandered off aimlessly while seemingly in a daze during a sky diving ceremony, only to be corralled by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and led back to the group of world leaders, who then surrounded him like a family would a geriatric grandparent suffering from dementia. This happened a week to the day after his meme worthy performance at Normandy. The European press was less than impressed. The Sun in the UK called Biden "doddering." Other reporting in Italy stated that he has been "losing focus" and "it is the worst it has ever been." The French press deemed it "embarrassing." 

Welcome to our reality, Europe, so nice of you to finally join us.

Along with the seemingly sudden realization of American weakness, European citizens across the EU and UK are waking up to the fears of changing cultures and demographics of mass migration, uncontrolled social spending, inflation, energy volatility, and the looming specter of a continent encompassing war with Russia.

The EU parliament elections this past weekend as well as elections in France and Germany saw huge, and in the case of France unprecedented, moves to the right. French president Macron has moved to dissolve parliament for re-elections in the wake of the elections and his presidency is in trouble.

In the UK, who remember voted in favor of Brexit in 2016 because of the factors I listed earlier- uncontrolled migration, centralized non-sovereign currency, loss of sovereignty to a continent wide central governing authority- the Torie party is on life support due to their broken promises, and has been passed in polling by Nigel Farage's Reform party. Arguably nothing the Brits voted for in Brexit as far as migration, culture, or financial considerations, has come to pass. The liberal elite in the UK and 10 Downing St just ignored the message of Brexit.


Since late yesterday stock markets all across Europe have sold off in a flight to safety of US Treasury bonds. The people are speaking and the markets are speaking. The globalists are under pressure and nationalism is on the rise. 

It is no coincidence that the additional funding for 10 years for Ukraine was announced after the elections this past weekend. The situation in Ukraine poses a grave threat to the European nations, EU, NATO, and the United States. If they could, Europe would gladly pass the buck to the United States, in every single way, on the Ukraine situation. Nobody, not the US, not the EU, not NATO, nobody, has a concrete plan for victory in Ukraine nor any budget or timeline to achieve that end. The people notice, and they are scared. Europe has not been this destabilized both foreign and domestically since the end of World War 2 and the Ukraine conflict represents the first shooting war on European soil in that same time period, which prior to the Obama administrations' meddling in Ukraine which started this whole mess, was the longest period without war in Europe since before Jesus walked the earth. 

Europe is facing the same problems as the United States. Their governments have gotten too big, too expensive, too intrusive, and too politically correct. They do not listen to the people, they have long since strayed from their core beliefs, their governments are driven by emotion and fear- not principled action, they have adopted failing left-wing socialist policies espoused by globalists, liberal elites, and the World Economic Forum. They have weak, corrupt, self-absorbed political leaders. While the Europeans have made their own bed as a result of their foolishness, a lack of leadership and instability on the part of the United States has been a huge contributing factor.

An America with a $35 trillion debt that is growing by $1 trillion every 100 days is not good for Europe. An America with a shrinking middle class is not good for Europe. An America embroiled in lawfare, projecting tyranny to the rest of the world, is not good for Europe. An American military being used as a DEI social experiment instead of projecting overwhelming power as a force for good worldwide is not good for Europe. An American education system teaching Marxism as a replacement for traditional values and normalizing sexual deviancy is not good for Europe. An America orchestrating coups, interfering in elections, and fomenting endless war in the rest of the world is not good for Europe. An America that is not the worldwide leader in energy production, not energy independent, and not being the reserve currency for energy is not good for Europe. And finally, an America with a doddering, unfocused, embarrassing President (their words, not mine) is no good for Europe. It ain't good for the rest of the world either. 

A strong, prosperous, free America, the America that Donald Trump, MAGA, and our core values expressed in conservatism promises, indeed the promise of America and its ideals itself, creates stability, prosperity, freedom, and world peace. The America of Biden, Obama, and the globalists creates cynicism, doubt, ridicule, instability, strife, lawlessness, subjugation, and violence.  

It looks like Europe is waking up, but are we? Was Winston Churchill right when he said, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing- after they've tried everything else." 

Well, we've tried everything else. November 5th is the time for Americans to do the right thing. 

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