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DeSantis vs DC GOP (April 7th, 2023)

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Today is the midway point of the Florida legislative session, and a good time to take a look at what'as been accomplished thus far. Gov. DeSantis has signed bills boosting affordable housing, concealed constitutional carry, and school vouchers. 

Other bills that are expected to become law during this legislative session include a ban on abortions after 6 weeks, balanced budget with tax cuts, repealing the requirement for a unanimous jury verdict for the death penalty, strengthening election laws as they pertain to third party registration, tougher measures against hiring illegal aliens, tort reform, and a prohibition on gender affirming surgery on minors.  Quite an agenda, ain't it?

Say what you want about Gov DeSantis but nobody can deny that he understands his position, he understands why he is in that position, the power that goes along with it, and he exercises that power to enact his priorities with absolutely no regard for his opposition or his critics, and he keeps stacking wins. Compare this with the GOP in Washington.

The democrats, along with their media, academic allies, and lobbyists, have somehow managed to convince Republicans in Washington that exercising their power is extreme and that they must always compromise with democrats or just simply adopt their agenda. When GOP's win elections, they forget WHY they won those elections and what the voters elect them to do, then they fail to do it. Republicans MUST learn that when you win an election, you have ALL the power that goes along with that office, that they have no duty to compromise either in part or in full, that they MUST deliver the policies they were elected to do, regardless of what the democrats, their media, and their mob think about it. 

The DC democrats play to win, the DC GOP plays to get along. That must change. The DC GOP needs to look at Gov DeSantis, who has governed and wielded his power exactly the same way regardless of whether he won by 34k votes in 2018 or by 1.5 million votes in 2022. He is governor either way with the exact same powers and the exact same mandate. Democrats understand that, GOP's don't. DeSantis keeps winning, DC Republicans keep making excuses.

Unless and until the GOP catches a clue and follows Desantis' example, we will continue to have a de facto one party government, a prevailing and growing perverted national ideology, and different rules for each party, as we see with the Biden and Clinton corruption, in Arizona with Katie Hobbs, and especially in New York with President Trump's case. The GOP needs to start making the hard right choice, to quote our good friend Col Danny McKnight, or pretty soon there will be no GOP party, only different shades of democrats, and then our country is lost. We have been given a great gift with our republic. Let's see if we can keep it. 

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