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The World Economic Forum (January 13th, 2023)

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Starting this Monday, in Davos, Switzerland, guarded by 5000 Swiss soldiers, the World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, will open its week long annual meeting.

The theme for this version of the gathering of socialist elites is "Cooperation in a fragmented world," but make no mistake, they aren't looking to have you cooperate, although it would make it easier for them, they are looking to subjugate you.  

Klaus Schwab is probably best known for his statement "you will own nothing and be happy," and that is clearly their goal. ESG, environmental social governance, is the vehicle to acheive their means. ESG is the anti-freedom, anti-American, anti-capitalist marriage of governments- remember Schwab also said quote "we will infiltrate all the cabinets-" with multi-national corporations to enact socialist control over populations and economies that are impossible to enact through legislation in democratic societies.

How serious are they? Well, a list of American attendees might shed some light: Included are Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, FBI director Christopher Wray, Agency for International Development and former UN ambassador Samantha Power, Climate envoy and former secretary of state John Kerry. 

Ask yourself why the Director of National Intelligence and FBI director are there? What are their plans for us that include our top intelligence and law enforcement personnnel? 

Klaus Schwab just released a video warning of a major worldwide cyberattack that would make the COVID 19 crisis seem like- and I quote- "a small disturbance."  We have spoken numerous times on the show about EMP attacks, how they would crash transportation, energy, banking, medical, food supply, pretty much society as a whole, and how Covid was a test run for future climate lockdowns, disruptions, and asset reallocation.  It is the precursor to the Great Reset, and the swamp is in on it.  

The media will cover Davos glowingly as an international summit to improve societies and our way of life, as a a kumbiyah meeting of the global elite, but American Adversaries listerners know the truth. Those elite literally want to enslave, impoverish, and subjugate us. Keep an eye on Davos, and on the media, and hold our elected representatives feet to the fire to disavow and decouple from the World Economic Forum. Our sovreignty and future depends on it. 

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