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Biden's Wingman (July 21st, 2023)

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It sure has been an interesting week on Capitol Hill, hasn't it? Let's talk about it.

First, two whistleblowers, the supervisor of the investigation and the lead investigator on the Biden IRS case, testified before the House Oversight Committee, in stunning detail, all corroborated and verifiable, of how the Biden family committed multiple felonies, and how the investigators on the case were in unanimous agreement that multiple charges should be brought against the Biden family members. The evidence and testimony of the whistleblowers and investigators has been consistent and is verifiable. 

What hasn't been consistent and verifiable is the sworn testimony of Delaware US attorney David Weiss, and statements to the media by Attorney General Merrick Garland. Each seems to be pointing the finger at the other, as to who had the ultimate authority to bring charges that were never brought as the investigation was constantly hindered and eventually quashed. 

Ultimately, Weiss will wind up being the fall guy here when it was Garland and senior Justice Department officials who were- and still are- running interference for the Biden. 

Then the other shoe dropped. 

Senator Chuck Grassley released the FBI FD-1023, with only minor redactions, showing the FBI had documented evidence through a long time confidential informant that Burisma hired Hunter Biden only for his connection to the US government, then paid him and Joe Biden a combined $10 million, to quote, "protect them from all kind of problems."  In this case all kind of problems was Ukrainian prosecutor General Viktor Sholkin. Biden took the bribe money, then used $1b of US taxpayer money in the form of loan guarantees to bribe Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko to fire Sholkin, which happened within 90 days. In September 2019 Sholkin testified under oath to an Austrian court, quote "The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Bursima Holdings."

In summary, Burisma's founder, Mykola Zlochevsky, hired crackhead Hunter Biden to gain access to the highest office in the free world, then bribed the Vice President of the United States to use US taxpayer dollars to bribe the President of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor general who was investigating them. And he has 17 conversations with the Bidens, two with President Biden, on tape, as proof.

The 1023 was vetted and deemed credible by the US Attorney's office in the western district of Pennsylvania (which has since been- uhum- "reorganized" by the Biden DOJ), then it was presented to Weiss by Trump AG Bill Barr, and that's as far as it went. It was memory holed, never shared with the IRS investigators, meanwhile DOJ officials pressured the IRS investigators to not follow the leads into "the big guy."  

Weiss knew it, the US attorney in Pittsburgh knew it, Barr knew it, Garland knows it, and yet it took whistleblowers from the IRS of all places to let we the people know it.  

The democrat house impeached Trump for a phone call inquiring about this caper. Impeachment witnesses Marie Yovanovich knew it, Alexander Vindman knew it, and Victoria Nuland knew it. The left-wing media hailed them as heroes. Every single democrat, all 45 of them, along with RINO Mitt Romney, voted to impeach Trump over these lies. Again, Biden took bribe money from Burisma, then used US taxpayer dollars to bribe the President of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor general who was investigating Burisma, and the democrats impeached Trump for asking about it. The swamp knew the truth and did nothing. Perhaps the biggest coordinated coverup and political hit job in American history.

The evidence is damning, the corruption staggering, and with Garland's indictments of Trump, it is ongoing. 

Garland is every bit the wing man for Biden that Eric Holder bragged about being for Obama, and even more, exponentially more. The DOJ and the intelligence agencies are corrupt from top to bottom, operating as fixers and a Stasi for the Biden administration specifically and democrat politicians in general. Nobody can dispute that now.  It has been proven time and again, from FISAgate, to Mueller, to IG Horowitz, to Durham, and now this.

Ultimately the task of fixing this lies with we the people at the ballot box, but it sure would be nice if just once the republicans on the hill grew a pair, introduced impeachment articles against Garland, defunded and officially condemned Smith, censored Wray, then along with GOP governors and the useless RNC, united behind Trump, said enough is enough- we are saving our country- and carpet bombed the media to educate the American people about the corruption, but I ain't holding my breath, neither should you.

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