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Agenda 2030 & the Migration (March 15th )

Updated: Apr 22

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Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. It is a UN program adopted in 2015 by 178 countries to quote "transform our world" to achieve quote "the world we want." 

If you haven't familiarized yourself with Agenda 2030, you should and the sooner the better because if the globalists are successful, and they are farther along than you can possibly imagine, it will change your life in ways you never dreamed of, that were thought inconceivable just a generation ago, even though you didn't vote for it, but you sure are paying for it in more ways than you realize. Contained in Agenda 2030 are 17 "Sustainable Development Goals," the first of which is the elimination of poverty through migration, and the migration is currently in its implementation stage. 

The implementation stage of the migration is currently ongoing at our southern border and throughout Europe. The Biden administration's border policy and invasion is not a case of incompetency, it is a planned migration as part of Agenda 2030. 

The Department of Homeland Security is paying, with your tax dollars, to support the UN's International Organization for Migration (known as IOM), who is in charge of where the "refugees" and "migrants" get relocated on a global scale. Amy Pope, who previously was a senior White House Advisor to Biden, is running that organization.

The rationale for this migration is to "reduce global inequality" and promote "climate sustainability." The Department of Homeland Security partners with non-governmental organization, known as NGO's, such as the International Rescue Commission (known as IRC), and Catholic Charities, among many others both internationally and domestically, to achieve their goals. The IRC's website states "Refugees are helping BUILD BACK America. Refugees and other NEW Americans are keeping communities safe, advocating for justice, and rebuilding our world." 

In January of last year, the State Department launched the Welcome Corps, a program that allows private citizens and corporate entities to sponsor refugees and their resettlement into the US. They have since partnered with the IRC and formed a subsidiary called the Resettlement Support Center, or RSC. It is run by former UK Foreign Secretary David Millband. Among its board of directors are former Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who is listed as co chair, and former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano. The RSC had gross receipts of over $1 billion in its last tax filing. They are operating in Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Middle East, throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, and of course Ukraine.

In addition to Homeland Security's and State Department's funding the NGO's directly and indirectly, the United States Agency for International development (or USAID), headed by former Obama UN Ambassador and Trump FISAgate unmasker Samantha Power. USAID's budget is over $50 billion.  They are spending billions in Europe and Central America to fund the global migration, also in coordination with the above-mentioned NGO's and others worldwide.

As you can see, the situation at our southern border and in our cities is far greater than just Biden cancelling Trump's executive orders, or the Cloward Piven Strategy. Nope, this is a comprehensive plan and whole of government approach to use YOUR tax dollars and the resources of the federal government to implement a dangerous Marxist plan enacted by the UN and World Economic Forum that was planned during the Obama administration and is being implemented by the Biden Administration, World Economic Forum, and UN; and the goal is to fundamentally change our nation and the world through mass migration and outsourcing of poverty. And you never knew about it nor voted on it, did you? 

Among the myriad of reasons why we must re-elect President Trump this one is at the top. The mission of our cabinet agencies and USAID must be changed, and funding of Agenda 2030 must be made illegal not by executive order, but by legislation. Our sovereignty is being forfeited, our treasury raided, and our demographics, economy, and culture permanently altered. If any democrat, not just Biden, any democrat or globalist, gets the White House this November Agenda 2030 will be complete, and the toppling of the sovereignty of America will be complete as well. Your vote in November had better be not just for Trump, but also America First legislators, who are truly for saving America, because to Biden, the globalists, and democrats, there is no Agenda America, certainly no America First, it is only Agenda 2030.

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