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Agenda 2030 and the WEF (August 11th, 2023)

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Would you destroy the nuclear family,  traditional gender roles especially the role of the alpha male and parents, brain wash and confuse children about their gender, gender roles, and sexuality, and eventually sterilize them? Would you want unfettered abortion?

Would you use government to take God out of the public sphere and education, to dispute absolute truths, and to replace spirituality with secularism? 

Would you take over education, thereby ensuring a future compliant, one-minded, population, without the desire or ability to think critically and dissent?

Would you take away private property rights by making private property unaffordable or inassessable?

Would you use the power of government to censure, silence, and imprison your political opponents? 

Would you employ and collude with a compliant, gaslighting media that traffics in not truth but in propaganda?

Would you replace the lower and middle classes with controlled, compliant immigrants to take the jobs of the middle and lower classes?

Would you financially incentivize foreign nations to manufacture the goods we need and grow the food we eat, effectively strangling rural America economically? And would you allow a relative unimpeded flow of deadly drugs to enter and be distributed throughout the country that disproportionately kills poorer, rural Americans?

Would you refuse to enforce the criminal code, creating social chaos, and a fearful population?

If you were the democrat party in America, you would do, and you HAVE done, all of that and more since January 2021. The democrat party and globalists want you weak, fat, ignorant, poor, devoid of God, controlled, and compliant. The slide to a socialist, one world government is both cumulative and exponential. It is coming quicker and quicker. Our freedom and sovereignty are under attack. 

To say that the 2024 election is pivotal and perhaps our last chance to change course back toward the mission of our founders, traditions, and God, is not hyperbole, it is true. There is only one candidate and one political ideology currently in play that will defeat the marxists and restore the American dream. It is either Trump and MAGA or the democrats, UN, and World Economic Forum. The power of choice is ours, at least for now, and we better use it wisely.


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