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2023 in Review (December 29th 2023)

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All year long the philosopher, political mad scientist Christopher Hart has told us that 2023 was the year it turned, that everything started coming back to Trump, and he was, of course, correct. We have learned that what we were told are conspiracies are in fact true, and that our freedoms, wealth, culture, and way of life are under attack.

We learned that Fauci colluded with the Chinese and Ukraine in "gain of function" research to create a bio-weapon that was released just in time to throw the world into 

turmoil in a presidential election year, then our intelligence communities and bureaucracies lied about it. They killed grandma for power and wealth, and to steal an election.

The Twitter files showed us that the intelligence agencies colluded with social media giants and legacy media to spy on political opponents, censure speech, promote propaganda, spread lies, and influence an election.

The Hunter Biden laptop is real, not disinformation, and it incriminates the President and many in his cabinet. Republicans in congress have the receipts of money laundering and bribes on behalf of the big guy. The "Russian disinformation" statement of the 51 former intel executives was a lie.

Testimony and the release of the January 6 tapes prove that the January 6 commission was a political gaslighting operation, not a fact-finding mission, and that there was no insurrection, just an unarmed protest that got out of control with the help of FBI imbedded agents and the Capitol Police.

Cloward Piven and the great replacement theory are both real and are happening as we speak.

Lawfare isn't just an academic pursuit, it is real and has the objective of genuine election interference and as a result, tyranny. 

There was no hack of the DNC server, it was simply thumb drives copied by Seth Rich and given to Julian Assange. Rich was murdered for it, the DNC and intel agencies lied and hired Crowdstrike to destroy the evidence.

The globalists are working full speed toward the Great Reset and UN Agenda 30, and guess what? Your federal tax dollars and retirement accounts are funding it. 

The World Economic Forum's website calls for a "great reset of capitalism," ushering in "stakeholder capitalism and governance," meaning that the heads of the world's largest corporations, along with the largely unelected elites, like Klaus Schwab, will make the decisions, run the world, and most importantly control the flow and distribution of capital, energy, information, medical services, and food. Your sovereignty and freedom be damned.  

The combined net worth of the richest 1% just passed the combined net worth of the entire middle class combined for the first time ever, a trend that started with the securitization of subprime mortgages in the Bush 43 administration and hit hyper speed in 2020 with COVID. In 2011 there was not a corporate entity in the US that owned more than 1100 single family homes. Now the combined corporate ownership of single-family homes stands at 575,000, and is growing. 

Between the securitization and mainstreaming of subprime lending,  out of control government spending, QE, COVID, inflation, and exploding consumer debt caused by the inflation; we have witnessed the greatest transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the richest 1%- the stakeholders that Klaus Schwab describes- in the history of our nation.


The proof of what the left and globalists want and what they are doing to achieve it is indisputable, and has led to what I call the Great Awakening, where the freedom loving people of this nation, regardless of class, race, gender, religion, age, or political persuasion, see the tyranny and band together and take back our country- because to the globalists and their stakeholders, there is no differences between us, we are the proletariat and are subject to subjugation and after they have taken everything from us, elimination in their goal of global depopulation and control. 

Their greatest obstacle? An America that is a constitutional republic, energy independent, with a thriving industrial base and upwardly mobile class, with a national moral compass based on traditional Judeo Christian values. In other words, they have to destroy us first. They have told us and shown us what their goals are and are speeding toward them. 

So we have a choice starting right now and culminating in a little over 10 months, will it be the Great Awakening, or will it be the Great Reset? 

Let's make 2024 the year of the Great Awakening and stop the globalists.

Happy New Year everybody.

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