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Sometimes You Get What You Need

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Like most of you I watched the debate last night. I am on a group text with many of the hosts and contributors on the show and I wrote at 9:10pm, "I know I am biased but Biden is an embarrassment. Trump is on his game." About an hour later I wrote, "This has been a huge embarrassment for our nation." About a half hour later I wrote, "Politics aside, the world saw what we saw tonight. We, and the rest of the world, are in danger for the next 7 months due to that instability and weakness." That last statement summed up how I felt last night watching the debate, that we are in trouble and the world is less free, less prosperous, more dangerous, and it was there for all to see. I was embarrassed and scared for my country.

Then I slept on it and I woke up this morning with the refrain from Mick Jagger running through my mind over and over, "But if you try sometimes, well, you just might find, you get what you need."

Our nation and the world needed to see that last night, to see the truth, the truth that was laid bare for billions of people all across the globe. 

The truth that the 2020 election was stolen. The truth that the rightful President clobbered the unlawfully installed president live and in living color, and the installed president couldn't hide and the moderators couldn't cover for him. 

The truth that some Generals and even some in the Trump's inner circle sabotaged him. 

The truth that the installed president can't think, can't talk, can't lead...  The truth that all he can do is lie, slander, and prosecute his political opponents in Stalinesque fashion. 

The truth that the media was and is lying to you parroting the cheap fake line. 

The truth that Biden doesn't understand or care about the malaise he has created. The truth that it was intentional.

The truth that Biden is corruptly compromised by Ukraine, China, NATO, the UN, and the WEF. 

The truth that Biden intentionally negated good policy and replaced it with bad policy. 

The truth that he and his allies on capitol hill have stolen from the American taxpayer to enrich themselves and their friends in the greatest transfer of wealth between classes in history, and with his tax and spend proposals last night, they want even more. 

The truth that the democrat party, and some republicans- I'm looking at you Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Brian Kemp, and the rest of you RINO controlled opposition- want to replace our constitutional republic with a globalist oligarchy.

I don't feel any remorse or empathy for Biden in the least. He has tried to destroy Trump personally, not just as a politician, not just as a candidate, but as a man. His goons raided Trump's teenage son and wife's bedrooms with a warrant authorizing deadly force. 

He's been personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide first through his covid policies, then through his mismanagement of Afghanistan, and his war mongering in eastern Europe and the middle east. The fact that he didn't fire anybody means that he owns it and it was intentional.

He's made American and her allies weaker and made our enemies stronger. 

He's prosecuted staff and supporters of Trump in star chamber courts and imprisoned them in squalor. He is not a good leader nor a good man. He's an evil man with hell bent blind ambition for power and wealth, the consequences for the American people and the world be damned.

In the wake of this bloodbath, the Biden Justice department must drop all charges against Trump and release the tape of Biden's deposition to Special Counsel Hur. Political prosecutions, corruption, and coverups at the highest levels of government must not be tolerated. It is tearing our country apart. 

The lost evidence of the sham January 6 committee must be found and released. Democrats as well as republicans must demand this. If they don't, they're in on it, and must be run out of town. The truth will find and expose them, too.

The media keeps pushing the line that Trump is running for retribution. Wrong. Trump is running to rescue America from the nightmare we have wrongfully lived for 3 and a half years; all based on subterfuge, illegal voting, gaslighting, lawfare, and lies; the lies that people worldwide woke up to and saw the reality of last night. The fact that the media would even bring up retribution is a tacit admission of the intent of what Biden is doing to Trump, but they don't care. They are the enemy of the people. 

Biden has been exposed. Now it is time for the nation- after all, there are good people on both sides, right Joe?- to unite around the rightful president, Trump, and heal our nation. The truth has been exposed. The lies are dead and buried. Retribution isn't payback, it is a comeback. It is a comeback of freedom, prosperity, strength, and a government of the many, not the monied. It is a comeback of the UNITED States of America. 

Trump did his part. Now it is time for We The People to do our part, to have our retribution on November 5, end this national nightmare, take our country back, restore our strength, sovereignty, and values; and restore our rightful president. 

And when we do, just like Mick Jagger, we'll find that we get what we need.

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