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Our Founders Warned Us....

Updated: Jun 13

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Our nation entered a new era yesterday afternoon.

When President Trump stated nothing like this has ever happened before, he is right. It is not hyperbole, bluster, or candidate speak; it is fact.

No state prosecutor has ever, in any state at any time in the history of our country, ever, charged a violation of federal election law as a direct or predicate state crime against any person, at any time. Never, in the history of the nation. Never.  

Without using the alleged but unproven attempt to break federal campaign finance law which the state has no jurisdiction over as a predicate, a case that was investigated by the FEC and DOJ who do have jurisdiction over it, and deemed not chargeable, the 34 felonies Alvin Bragg prosecuted Trump for are in fact 34 misdemeanors and past the statute of limitations by at least 5 years, meaning there is no case.   

And with that, the first ever felony conviction for a former president of the United States is not for war crimes like droning and killing a US citizen in a foreign country at a wedding without due process, not for lying about weapons of mass destruction as a reason to go to war and overthrow a government- while awarding no bid billion dollar contracts to the firm the vice president was former CEO of, not for orchestrating coups in other sovereign nations, not for using the intelligence agencies first to spy on and then harass political rivals, not for running an international money laundering and bribery scheme through family members in no show jobs. 

Nope, it was a misdemeanor that the statute of limitations had expired on bootstrapped to a felony accusation that had never been charged at the state level in the history of our country. As Rachel Maddow said on election night 2016, "This is who we are now."

And millions of Americans, at least half of our politicians, and most of the media are okay with it.

They are okay with throwing out 250 years of precedent because of what they deem to be a "threat to democracy." They want to see President Trump rot and die in prison, and they will imprison him. It is going to happen, in about 6 weeks, right before the Republican National Convention. 

The same politicians whose goals are to abolish the electoral college, convict unarmed political protestors as insurrectionists and jail them in Stalinist show trials, expand and stack the Supreme Court, ignore Supreme Court rulings and illegally cancel valid contracts, ban voter ID, let non-citizens vote, treat executive orders as treaties, censor free speech, lock you down, force you to take an unproven vaccine that nobody knows the ingredients of, and steal your civil liberties over a virus that they, our imperial federal government, financed the production of, and use that virus as an excuse and means to unconstitutionally change election laws to rig an election..... Yep, they are the ones telling you that a man convicted of the conflicted charges described above is the threat to democracy.  Really....

President Biden stood on a stage in Philadelphia 2 years ago and said that. He also said if you are loyal to the man they convicted yesterday that YOU are a threat to democracy, too. When President Trump said that they were coming for you and he was just in the way, believe it. If you don't believe it, ask anybody who has stood trial and served time for misdemeanors like parading or trespassing in the DC star chambers for January 6, or any of the people who advised or served in his cabinet who have been prosecuted, or any of the intel whistleblowers in exile. 

George Orwell wrote, "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."

When I asked last Friday if you are living your life in a way worthy of the sacrifice of our fallen warriors, many of whom are our ancestors and family members, this is exactly what I meant. They died for what the democrat left is trying to steal. What are we willing to do- peacefully and patriotically- to keep it?

There are precious few true constitutional conservatives on Capitol Hill and they alone can't stop the demise of our nation and the takeover of our institutions, bureaucracies, courts, and media. That is up to us, we the people. Yesterday, President Trump raised about $35 million, with about a third of it coming from new donors. That's a good first step. That needs to happen every day, and so much more. 

Our resolve to save our country must exceed the left's resolve to destroy our country, otherwise we will fall. That means all of us.

CS Lewis so wisely wrote, "The most dangerous thing you can do is to take any one impulse of your own and set it up as the thing that you must follow at all costs. There is not one of them which will not make us into devils if we set it up as an absolute guide. You might think love of humanity and goodness in general was safe, but it is not. If you leave out justice you will find yourself breaking agreements and faking evidence in trials "for the sake of humanity,' and become in the end a cruel and treacherous man."

Donate, organize, register your friends to vote, take them to the polls, talk to people and educate them, volunteer, become a poll watcher, attend rallies, knock on doors, make your voice heard, and most of all, vote like your life depends on it, because now it literally does. 

As the architect of our American government John Adams warned us, "Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the people once surrender their share in the legislature, and their right of defending the limitations upon the government, and of resisting every encroachment upon them, they can never regain it. Virtue is not always amiable, our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives." 

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