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Irredeemable Deplorables (May 19th, 2023)

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I greet you this way every time I am on the show for a reason. It's pithy and funny but more importantly those are the words of the last 3 democrat nominees for president, two of whom became president.

Hillary Clinton called us- Americans who opposed her politically- irredeemable deplorables. Biden called Trump supporters the dregs of society. Obama said conservatives get bitter, and cling to guns or religion. Darned right we do. Proudly.  To our dying breath, which is why Obama has the right to say something so arrogant and foolish. 

Those remarks reveal exactly our supposed leaders think about us. They don't like us or inspire us, they don't believe in us, they don't lead us. They think they are our rulers and we their subjects. The globalists they cater to think the exact same thing. They don't hide it. They don't respect us. To them we exist to give them further- and eventually total- wealth and power. Period.

With the release of the Durham report, we got documented proof. Our freedom and societal construct are based on a social contract that we have with our government. We voluntarily give up a certain amount of freedom in exchange for protection, an even playing field in business and our body politic, and equal justice under the law.   

That contract has been- perhaps irreparably- broken. Obama, Clinton, Biden, Brennan, Comey and their posse in the FBI, CIA, national intelligence agencies, and most of all in Department of Justice and federal courts, to whom we gave trust, power, and some of our freedoms, to even handedly enforce our laws and uphold that social contract. They broke it.

Further, that social contract has been broken on a local level by Marxist district attorneys, financed by George Soros and the like. It is an intentional strategy to change our system from being a government of laws to a government of men. It has been broken by the lawfare apparatus- and it is an organized apparatus- which has attacked President Trump, his supporters, values-based companies, conservative media voices, even parents at school board meetings. 

Combined, these entities form a seditious conspiracy which is the greatest threat to our society because its mission is to replace that social contract with intimidation, judicial fiat, and executive edict.   

That's the real seditious conspiracy, not a group of guys called the Proud Boys showing up at the Capitol on January 6 and demonstrating, even if some of them got out of hand. White Supremacy- whatever that is- is hardly the biggest threat our country faces. That comment by Biden is stupid and dishonest. The real threat is the seditious conspiracy inside the halls of power, in the executive and judicial branches, the lawfare apparatus, and propagandists in the media who willingly lie for them. They are the ones breaking our sacred social contract.

As Chris Hart so eloquently said, the remedy is at the ballot box, but in order for the remedy to work we must identify the threat, speak out loudly and forcefully, and organize. It won't happen organically, it has to be forced through commitment, organization, and action. When we the people unite, fight, and most of all pray, we are unbeatable- it has been proven time and again in our history, but we have to actually do it. The real seditious conspirators won't stop, they have to be stopped, and it is we the peoples' duty to do it. 


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