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Biden's Bad Week (October 6th, 2023)

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The press wants you to think the only story in Washington is a fight amongst Republicans. But over the past 10 days:

- The Democrat chair of the foreign affairs committee, Bob Menendez, was charged with taking bribes from a foreign country

- The DC attorney general has opened an investigation and sent subpoenas to Democrat dark money giant Arabella Advisors over possible illegal activity involving violations of tax laws. Arabella has funnelled over $3b to democrats advocacy groups since 2021.

- A House Democrat, Jamal Bowman, stalled a house proceeding by pulling a fire alarm, a felony.

- Biden’s envoy to Iran, Rob Mallet, was outed as an Iranian spy. He funded and directed Iranian Intel ops against the US, hiring and placing Iranian spy's inside our bureaucracy.


- Gavin Newsom appointed a Marylander Laphonza Butler to be California’s senator

- Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to a felony gun charge because of IRS whistleblowers

- Hunter was also caught listing his dad’s home address as the beneficiary on a wire transfer from Communist China.

- A Democrat House member Henry Cuellar was carjacked thanks to an explosion of predatory criminal behavior sparked by Democrats' pro-crime policies in DC.

Oh, spending is outstripping revenues by another 7.4% this year, because revenues are falling due to economic contraction, regardless of what govt spins, which means another $2T to the deficit.

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