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Biden-Harris Ticket Threatens Faith, Family, and Life

Over the past decade the Democrat party has been careening towards the radical left, occupied these days by an intolerant cabal of ideological extremists whose main concerns include the unrestricted right to choose an abortion, whether toddlers are being sufficiently affirmed in their “transgender” identity, and how to expunge every person with the slightest conservative leaning from any position of power or prominence. As if we needed any further proof of the Democrat party’s extremism, Joe Biden last week picked for his running mate a woman who recently appeared to suggest that believing Catholics are, by definition, unfit to be judges.

Pushing Catholics out of Government

In one of the most troubling episodes in recent politics, in 2018 Harris grilled a Catholic district judicial nominee in Nebraska on his membership in the Knights of Columbus. In written questions, Harris asked Brian Buescher whether he was aware that the Knights “opposed a women’s right to choose” and “opposed marriage equality” when he joined the group. One of Harris’ Democratic colleagues went even further, asking Buescher whether he would quit the Knights – to which millions of Catholic men belong – “to avoid any appearance of bias.”

Harris’ anti-Catholic bigotry is ironic, given that Biden himself makes a great show of being a “devout” Catholic – a claim that is repeated ad nauseum by the media, who never seem to pause to ask just what the term “devout” could possibly mean in this case. Biden, certainly, was baptised Catholic, and does regularly go to church. However, given that he actively opposes Church teaching on innumerable, nonnegotiable moral matters – most notably, the murder of innocent unborn children – this seems a highly questionable use of the term “devout.” It’s rather like calling a professional cattle butcher a “devout” Hindu – something I doubt the media would ever do.

Last year, after receiving some pushback on the abortion issue (including from Harris herself), Biden enthusiastically ditched the last vestiges of anything resembling a “moderate” position on abortion – i.e. his onetime opposition to taxpayer funding of abortion. Not only does Biden now support taxpayer funding of child killing, but he has also expressed support for the idea of codifying Roe v. Wade in federal legislation – an idea that Harris has also supported.

Even More Extreme than Biden

However, by tapping Harris as his VP pick, Biden has made it clear that his administration will not merely be an ally to the abortion industry, but will do everything possible to promote abortion and to hurt the pro-life cause, up to and including using law enforcement to harass and even jail pro-life activists. No doubt, some people will accuse me of being paranoid. However, the notion that a Biden-Harris administration would seek to prosecute pro-lifers using whatever legal loophole they can find is not the fevered imaginings of a paranoid mind. Quite the contrary. It’s simply based upon the assumption that Harris will continue to act as she has acted in the past.

In 2016, the pro-life investigative reporter David Daleiden and his group, the Center for Medical Progress, released a series of videos with evidence that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists were harvesting the body parts of unborn babies and then illegally selling them for a profit. At the time, Harris was serving as the Attorney General of California. In response to the videos, not only did Harris not investigate Planned Parenthood for its illegal activities, but instead she launched an investigation against Daleiden! Harris even ordered officials in her office to raid Daleiden’s house, where they seized copies of the undercover videos. At the time, Harris was running for the U.S. Senate, and had received donations from Planned Parenthood. Earlier this year, Daleiden sued Harris, alleging that she had conspired with Planned Parenthood to violate his civil rights.

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