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The Open Society and Its Enemies (April, 5th)

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It took another 2 generations for this education system to completely ingrain itself into society, leading to what we termed in the 1960's and 70's as counter culture, then in the 1980's and 90's as multiculturalism, and now has manifested itself into the neo-marxist theory that we call wokeism, which includes critical race theory and DEI (which by the way really means didn't earn it). 

It has given us a culture where people are made to identify not as Americans or Christians, or even as families, but rather as races, ethnic groups, genders (whether real, perceived, or completely made up), sexual proclivity or perversion, or political ideology, of oppressors and the oppressed... and if you don't, you'll be ridiculed, shamed, attacked, punished, and cancelled in every single aspect- personally, politically, professionally... and if you are powerful enough, persecuted through the legal system.   

Like almost all liberal ideas,  Popper's and the Harvard elites' ideas sounded good in theory, but were disastrous in practice. Unfortunately, celebrating and highlighting differences of individuals tear societies apart instead of bringing them together around a common good, and in the case of the United States, when it is the leading economy in the world, and the greatest constitutional republic in history, the literal beacon of freedom... the world is weaker and far more dangerous as a result.

As Margaret Thatcher said, "Concepts like truth and falsehood, beauty and ugliness, civilization and barbarism, have been de-constructed to give way to judgments based on ideology. The results would be funny, if the consequences not so serious." 


So, as our imperial federal government continues to rapidly change the demographics of the country by importing "newcomers" from all over the world without our consent, as they drive God out of the public square and education system, as they ridicule the nuclear family, American culture and tradition, as they celebrate sexual perversion, as they destroy the rule of law, as they debase our currency, and our nation rapidly descends into insolvency and anarchy... remember the Harvard elites and Karl Popper, who believed that demographics are destiny and what really makes us unique, special, and strong... they thought that really tears us apart...... just like the modern day UN, NATO, WEF, and neo-marxists of the democrat party, when in fact- just like every other left wing theory- the exact opposite is true. 

What is true is that a return to our roots, to God, the nuclear family, traditional gender roles, rule of law, absolute truths established over millennia, free men and free enterprise, and our unique American culture and ethos... that is what will save us- and by extension the world- and our manifest destiny of free men and free nations empowered by God in the pursuit of his will and his kingdom is just as true today as it was 250 years ago.

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