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The Omnibus (March 22nd )

Updated: Apr 22

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Shortly before noon today, the GOP- eerrrrr- RINO led House of Representatives passed the so called mini-bus bill, a 1012 page spending package that nobody could have possibly read, after breaking conference rules to give each member 72 hours to review legislation, at a cost of $1.2 trillion; because the perceived political and media backlash of shutting the government down outweighed the very real damage to the voters of this country who are seeing the American dream and our national sovereignty evaporate before our very eyes due to the recklessness and greed of the uniparty in charge of our imperial federal government.

When the bill passed, democrats- who by the way really run the House of Representatives, Washington, and in turn our nation, make no mistake about it- cheered, cheered on the floor of congress. And why wouldn't they? The republicans got nothing, the middle class got nothing despite voting the GOP into the majority in the midterms, but the democrats got everything. Again. Don't believe me? Let's look inside the bill....

$100 million for HHS for DEI (which by the way means didn't earn it)  training, $650 million for NGO's from Shelters and Services programs to house illegal aliens- remember, I covered this last Friday as part of the Biden Administration's implementation of UN Agenda 2030. Another $3.3 billion for various UN identified international organizations funding the quote "migration." Complete capitulation of HR 2 (Secure Borders Act) while continuing to fund the CBP One app that illegal aliens use to navigate their way into the country.

$9.2 billion for the CDC, you remember them, right? They called Ivermectin "horse and cow medicine" and are now using our tax money- $12.5 million- to fund anti-second amendment policies, and propaganda. 100% continued funding for the Chinese aligned World Health Organization, who is another spoke in the wheel of implementation of UN Agenda 2030.

$575 million for the UN Population Fund, which funds abortion clinics worldwide. $6 billion for PEPFAR, which the President's Emergency Plan for AIDs Relief, another slush fund for abortions, climate policy, and ESG worldwide. 

Billions more for Biden's climate agenda including the UN framework Convention on Climate Change, Global Environment Facility, and UN Clean Technology Fund. Another added $1 billion plus to previous Pelosi level spending on Department of Defense Climate Change activism.

Full funding of the Department of Defense's abortion travel policies and full funding of military and DOD transition surgeries and quote "gender affirming care."  

A 5.2% raise for all federal employees and allowing federal government health insurance plans to cover sex change operations.

$190 Million to the Financial Crimes reporting network, or FINCEN, which has weaponized the banking system against gun and ammo manufacturers and sellers.  

It allows the federal government to create a Central bank Digital Currency.

And of course, another $300 million for Ukraine, and $200 million for the new FBI Taj Mahal, because the swamp stasi that harasses and persecutes the regime's political opponents only deserves the best, right?

If you were to call this monstrosity, which now has us pushing $35 trillion of debt with that debt at 99% of GDP and outstripping our revenues by a factor of 6.75 to 1, a BLOODBATH, you wouldn't be wrong.

We are currently being ruled... not governed, not represented.... ruled... by people that are liars, cheats, and sell outs, and that applies to both parties.  Any notion that the democrats do not run this country in almost a Tammany Hall fashion should now be put to rest. They long since stopped answering to us. 

We are bankrupt, unable to ever fully repay our debt, all we can do is print more money, which makes you richer on paper, but poorer in actuality. All of our institutions have been sold out to a woke anti-God globalist agenda that we are funding, and we are being invaded by almost every third world crap hole on the planet. 

The elites want you fat, sated, distracted, ignorant, broke, hopeless, controlled, and compliant. If this was the Matrix, Hunger Games, Terminator, or any fictitious anarchy or martial law movie, 100 % of the country would be siding with the resistance and for the people. But when it is real and happening, half the people side with the oppressors and 80% of the rest can't be bothered.

It is time to get up, rise up, speak up, and pray up. We owe it to ourselves, our ancestors, and most of all to our children, not to sit idly by and let this divinely inspired experiment in freedom and self-government die. Find your political love language, educate yourself, become a mouthpiece for good, get involved, and most of all vote! 

As I have said before, Chris Hart and I are on our soap box imploring you to get on your soap box, and make a difference at the ballot box, because if we don't, the only cure is in the ammo box.

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