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DOJ Blitzkreig (June 16th, 2023)

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The past 5 days brought us two events that illustrate and define the difference between the modern democrat party and the modern republican party.

First, former President Trump was indicted in Miami by Special Counsel and Biden DOJ hit man Jack Smith. The charges themselves rely on a misapplication of the Espionage Act versus the Presidential Records Act, ignore legal opinions and directives by past AG's that there can be no obstruction if there is no crime, lay waste to the judicial ethics surrounding attorney/client privilege, and the indictment itself and circus surrounding the raid on Mar O Lago, based on a likely unconstitutional general warrant and complete with leaked photos of boxes and documents fed to the media, is a textbook example of poisoning a jury pool.  A political hit job by a rogue prosecutor on behalf of a corrupt administration. 

Meanwhile, a left wing lawfare activist group called "The 65 Project" is threatening any attorney who represents Trump with censorship, Bar administrative action, being blackballed in their profession, and generally intimidated to not represent Trump. The former President is having a difficult time finding legal representation due to these unethical McCarthy-esque tactics which likely violate the 6th amendment. 

There is more to come, too, from Fani Willis in Fulton County, GA and Act 2 of the Smith show, this time in DC for what the democrat Marxists deem seditious conspiracy. Lawfare is real, multi-pronged, and the democrats are playing to win. There is no depth they will not stoop to in order to vanquish President Trump and us.

Now contrast that to the GOP. Where are the J6 tapes? Where is the outrage against the J6 prosecutions and the Star chamber in the DC circuit? Why has the GOP ignored the Durham report and Inspector General Horowitz's from 2019? What is the RNC and GOP doing about illegal ballot harvesting? Why hasn't the GOP subpoenaed Hunter Biden, Fauci, and Pfizer execs? Why hasn't the Ukraine aid been audited? Why haven't impeachment articles been filed against Biden, Garland, and Mayorkas? Why hasn't congress defunded the FBI and department of education? 

Why is Scott Pressler not on the RNC payroll running voter registration and organizing early voting for the GOP? Why doesn't the GOP have an army of paid activists in neighborhoods nationwide like the democrats do? Where were all the GOP reps and RNC staff on Tuesday? Why wasn't a plane chartered to Miami and why weren't they all at that courthouse in force standing up for justice and the President who has stood up for all of them? 

The next day, 20 RINO's gave the middle finger to GOP voters nationwide and President Trump, yet again, when they tabled Rep Anna Paulina Luna's motion to censure and fine serial liar Adam Schiff for his lies about President Trump first as ranking member and later head of the house intelligence committee. I bet if you took a poll, and isn't it funny how nobody has, you'd find 90%+ of GOP voters would be for the censure and punishment of Schiff, who thanks to GOP weakness and indifference, will soon be known as Senator Schiff.

For the 39 years that democrats controlled the house from 1955 to 1994 the GOP was the "loyal opposition," feeding off democrats' scraps, not making waves, not representing their voters, giving us lip service, doing what they were told to keep their seats, while democrats ran roughshod over the constitution, changed America and not for the better. Sadly, those days are back, and on steroids. The GOP under McConnell and McCarthy and the RNC under McDaniel is feckless, scared, and weak; paralyzed by inaction, and are more or less democrats in drag.

If the republicans won't stand up to tyranny in the form of a weaponized judiciary, wielded by a corrupt president compromised by China, Ukraine, and Romania, what will they ever stand up to? Sadly, the answer is their voters, we the people, who get crapped on and disappointed yet again. They defy us at every turn, while the Marxist dreams of Obama and his father draw ever closer to reality.

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