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Biden's Bribes (June 2nd, 2023)

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While everybody was following the debt ceiling fiasco this week, with very good reason, another drama was unfolding on Capitol Hill that has been largely ignored.

There's been an ongoing battle between the House Oversight Committee and its chair, Rep James Comer from Kentucky, and the FBI over a document called a FD-1023, which is an unclassified document from June 2020 containing allegations from a FBI informant that Joe Biden, when he was vice president in 2015, engaged in a bribery scheme where he received $5 million from the Chinese payable to his family's businesses to change US policy. An FBI whistleblower alerted the Oversight Committee to the document's existence. Of course there was illegal retribution from the FBI against the whistleblower, but that is a discussion for another time.

The Oversight Committee subpoenaed the document weeks ago and was stonewalled by the FBI all the way up until last night when a deal was struck to produce the document and brief the committee on Monday. Director Wray has been able to stonewall congress for years, always citing the same old tired excuse, "We can't comment on active investigations." Chairman Comer threatened Wray with contempt and apparently Wray believed him, relenting at the last minute.

The FBI had this information before Biden was nominated by the democrat party in 2020, and they had the Hunter Biden laptop in 2019. What did they do with all this evidence? Absolutely nothing. They allowed Biden to keep his security clearance when he was clearly and demonstrably compromised. They coordinated with the Biden campaign to release a letter signed by 51 former intel officials implying that the laptop was Russian disinformation. The FBI had a direct line of communication with Twitter and other social media sites where they furnished disinformation and censured other information. They didn't investigate evidence of corruption for partisan political reasons.

Contrast that with this: One year ago tomorrow the FBI arrested and leg shackled- also allegedly strip searched- former Trump Assistant Peter Navarro for contempt of the January 6 committee. Former Trump aide Steve Bannon was sentenced to 4 months in jail and fined for contempt of the January 6 committee. There was a leak this week from Special Counsel Jack Smith's office to the New York Times alleging President Trump admitted on tape to taking classified documents and ordering his employees at Mar O Lago to hide them from the FBI, which is ridiculous.

So the FBI stonewalls congress and fails to act on evidence of illegal bribes by the current president, engages in a conspiracy to control and censure the flow of information during a presidential election, illegally spies on a presidential campaign, lies about evidence of corruption by a presidential candidate's family,  engages in a conspiracy with a presidential candidate to launch an investigation into her opponent, ignores the former secretary of state illegally putting classified documentation on an unsecured  private server, uses a lie as a predicate to launch a special counsel investigation into a sitting president, and what is the Department of Justice's response? Investigate and indict Trump and his allies, of course! 

We can't stand five and a half more years of this two-tiered justice system, and if you think it is bad now, just think of what it will look like in 2028 if the Biden/Obama democrats retain control of the DOJ and intel agencies. This is real tyranny, folks, and it isn't even covert anymore. they are sticking it right in our faces. The question is what are we going to do about it. Are we going to argue over who locked down what and when? Who is disloyal to whom? Who posted something rude on social media? Or are we going to get it right by supporting the congressional republicans in this investigation and put Trump back in charge to fix this situation once and hopefully for all. Our system of jurisprudence and with it, the health of the republic, depends on it.    

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