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Why People Miscalculate Donald Trump in the 2016 Election

There is a constant tirade of anti Trump rhetoric coming from the Establishment Right and the Liberal Socialist Left.   A full court press to STOP TRUMP.  Its comical to consider given that Donald Trump is their creation.   He is THEIR Frankenstein.

But what Mr. Trump really is, is the personification of the knee jerk reaction of most Americans to 8 years of what the Progressive Socialist have called the Fundamental Changing of America coupled with decades of mounting corruption in the establishment GOP.    The Establishment GOP has long stopped being the party of Conservatives and is far less concerned with the survival of America as they are with Capitalizing on America.  

We Conservatives have watched in horror as a Republican Controlled Congress have done nothing to stop a runaway Executive hell bent on the destruction of America as we know it and the recreation of America as just another socialist player on a flatter world stage.  And we have watched both America and the World pay the price as the USA has weakened is positions around the globe.

Now there seems to be great confusion, dismay and quandary over the success of the Donald Trump Campaign to Make America Great Again.  A mantra that sums up so much of what we have been feeling since the first time we walked out of Kuwait with the job half done.  The Media is baffling the world population with the attempts to rebuild Trump in their image.

It won’t work.   It won’t work because there is a huge miscalculation about why so many of us are supporting radical change this election.

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