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I Dissent (August 18th, 2023)

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Today, I want to share with you a statement released Tuesday by Josh McKoon, chairman of the GA Republican Party.

I dissent 

Two simple words that form the bedrock of any free society. After all, what makes a society free is the ability to disagree without fear of being molested by government. 

The Republic given to us by our founders in 1789 had at its core the principle of self rule. And fundamental to self rule is confidence in the means by which we elect our leaders. 

In 2020 here in Georgia we had an unprecedented election. For the first time ever, absentee ballot applications were mailed to every person listed as a registered voter in Georgia. For the first time ever, drop boxes were installed around our state to allow ballots to be cast without using the mail or doing so in person to election offices. For the first time ever, millions of taxpayer dollars were spent to air television commercials pleading with Georgians to cast absentee ballots by mail. 

And the certified result was one of the closest Presidential elections in Georgia history. In compliance with Georgia law, President Trump and GOP Chairman David Shafer filed an election contest on December 4, 2020. Georgia law requires that a properly filed election contest be heard in Court within 20 days of it being served. 

On December 14, 2020, the last day allowed by law to cast electoral votes and 10 days after the election contest was filed, Fulton County Judges had failed to schedule a hearing of the election contest. So on the advice of counsel, Chairman Shafer convened a meeting of the Electors to cast votes to preserve the President’s contest. 

They did not meet in secret. 

Chairman Shafer explicitly stated the purpose of the meeting to the media and the other Electors. 

This was not the first time that dueling slates of Electors had been sent to Congress. In 1960, Hawaii was confronted with a similar issue as Democrats filed court challenges which were still pending on the deadline to submit electoral votes. Democrat Electors met and cast their votes, including the duly elected language that has received so much attention in 2020 and no one suggested anything was unethical about it, much less criminal. 

The casting of these votes is equivalent to when a voter appears at a precinct and their record cannot be found. They are issued a provisional ballot which preserves their right to vote if it is determined that their vote should be counted. 

These electoral votes were only to be counted if the President prevailed in his properly filed and pending election contest. There is no evidence — none — that the Electors were acting illegally. 

While far left Democrat lawyers and their allies in the media congratulate themselves on perverting the legal system to go after their enemies, they ignore the law of unintended consequences. 

Does anyone believe that the indictment of former Presidents will stop at Donald Trump?  

Having normalized this with her unforgivable actions today, will Fani Willis cheer on her Republican prosecutorial colleagues when they use RICO to prosecute President Biden, his son Hunter, and others?   

And don’t forget when these investigations are launched the hundreds if not thousands of lives impacted. 

As this becomes just another weapon in the endless political wars, how many qualified people will want to work for a President, in an administration, or a campaign? Will the hiring pool be limited to people comfortable with routine interrogation by law enforcement and occasional indictment depending on who wins an election? 

The destruction of the notion that prosecutors and law enforcement will perform their duties in spite of, instead of in furtherance of their personal politics is the detonation of an atomic bomb on the foundations of our Republic. Laws need to be passed to reinforce safeguards to prevent this from ever happening again and the message should be sent loud and clear to Fani Willis and other prosecutors willing to tear up their oath of office to go after the “right people” that you will not be rewarded for this outrageous conduct. 

The Georgia Republican Party stands firmly on the side of a criminal justice system that does not have separate tracks depending on whether you have the “right” political views.  We will fight against those who want to destroy the legal system that has been the envy of western democratic governments in service of their personal political agenda. Join us — help us pull America back from the abyss that Fani Willis and other radical far left Democrats want to plunge us into where we have no confidence in critically important institutions. Institutions on which this very nation stands. 

Yours in Service, Josh McKoon Chairman, Georgia Republican Party

Yesterday, State Senator Colton Moore, from Trenton, GA, which coincidentally is in Marjorie Taylor Greene's congressional district, officially petitioned Governor Brian Kemp requesting a special session of the legislature to address Willis' actions. Republicans control 33 out of 56 state senate seats and 102 out of 180 state house seats. 

Kemp is clearly anti-Trump as demonstrated by his recent actions of attending the World Economic Forum summit in Davos in January, attending a "Stop Trump" political strategy session containing RINO corporate Republicans and democrats hosted by former GOP speaker of the house John Boehner in Sea Island in May, to his private meetings with DeSantis right after the legislative session ended, to close Kemp advisor Cody Hall joining the Desantis campaign immediately after those meetings, to his close corroboration with former president George W. Bush. 

Based on all that, don't expect Kemp to do anything. Clearly Kemp is just fine letting his state- which is still a red state- and its justice system be used to take down a populist movement within his party, just like the GOP establishment did little to nothing to defend the Tea Party populists during the Obama administration.

Pandora's box has been opened in my home state, which is no longer the Georgia I grew up in, graduated college in, owned property in, and contemplated retiring to. We can only hope that it gets shut before permanent damage is done to our republic, all in the name of partisan politics, and for a government weaponized against its own citizens, who are guilty of nothing more than loving our country and speaking out. 

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