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Our president is about to go to the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, at the end of June where he will be negotiating on behalf of the citizens of this nation. If the Democrats love America, why would they keep trying to handcuff our president at every move...could any president negotiate major deals without the support of the very Nation you are to negotiate for?

Robert Mueller

One very big reason is they, the Democrat party, do not want the Russian hoax exposed... hence, Robert Mueller's mini speech, that was simply a distraction to give the lamestream media and the far left Congress something to talk about, rather than talking about the unmasking of the perpetrators of the Russian hoax.

With Congress threatening to impeach our president for no legitimate reason, this puts even more pressure on our president when going to negotiate on our behalf. Please tell your Democrat Congress and Senate to start working for America instead of trying to destroy America.

We have open borders with thousands flooding in on a daily basis & this Congress would rather search for a non-existent crime against the president.

We have over 1 million illegal immigrants now hiding from deportation orders...every one of these individuals have been court order to leave this nation!

We are spending more money on illegal immigrants now than we are spending on the people on our very own streets...these are U.S. citizens that need our help but the Social Services Network can only handle so much and these illegals could break the bank. So you tell me how the Democrats are going to help America when they are putting the illegals before us?

According to One America News Network OANN-OAN, today alone we have spent $500,376,519 and the total cost this year to date is $113,049,463,593 and rising daily...there are over 26 million Illegals in the U.S. draining our social services, meant for the legal people of this nation.

The Liberals now have nothing to gain and everything to lose and they know that. Desperate people do desperate things and unfortunately, these elected officials will do more lasting damage to us, the United States citizens, over their grievances and hatred toward President Trump, than any war or catastrophe that this nation has ever undergone.

Concerned Citizens need to get involved now otherwise we will all be painfully stung with no remedy!

Call 202-225-3121 to leave your message, for your U.S. congressional representative.

These are my thoughts and perspectives and this is how I see it.

B Brian Blair

B Brian Blair

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