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Framing Democrats (October 14th, 2022)

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Yesterday we found out that consumer inflation rose by 8.2% year over year. We all know that it is really about twice that much. 

The new cost of living increase for social security for 2023 will be 8.7%. 

The media trumpeted this as a win for Biden and the government meeting the needs of the people who literally depend on it. 

What the media didn't tell you is that Biden's irresponsible fiscal and energy policies gave us the 8.2% inflation and that the 8.7% increase amounts to $104b just for next year. So between the increased debt service of the national debt plus this increase we have about $150b of hidden spending. Why didn't the media call Biden on that and his contention that he is lowering the deficit and inflation is decreasing?

 Biden begged OPEC to not cut production until after the election, not for the good of the economy or national security, but for democrat political fortunes. Did the media call him out on this blatant quid pro quo?

The FBI offered Christopher Steele $1m to vouch for the truth of the Steele dossier. Steele told the FBI that he couldn't yet the FBI used the dossier to get multiple FISA warrants against Carter Page. Did the legacy media report that? Do they even think it is a problem?

Finally, the NYT framed the Wisconsin Senate debate yesterday as follows: Senator Johnson, a leading spreader of misinformation, will debate the Lieutenant governor Barnes, a liberal democrat who has been touted as one of the party's rising stars.

The national media is clearly a propaganda vehicle of the democrat party. Choose your sources wisely, verify news on your own from reliable outlets, and do not believe the polls ahead of the election. They don't share your values, so don't share theirs.

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