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"We the People Constitutional Wednesdays"

DanSheridan10-20-21Dan Sheridan
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Daniel W. Sheridan

Dan is a Pastor, Writer, Voice Talent, Radio and Podcast Host, and a Teacher. For many years he has traveled the country teaching the Bible, history, and constitution classes in public schools, home-school gatherings, colleges, churches, conferences, and other public meetings.  

He is currently the education director and spokesperson for Freedom Factor, an organization that produces Pocket Constitutions and provides constitutional education.

Dan and Becky have been married since 1990, and they have seven children, three of whom are adopted. They became grandparents in 2017.

Freedom Factor prints and distributes Pocket Constitutions. What makes America unique in world history is the emphasis on local government and written Constitutions. Written Constitutions mark “a momentous advance in civilization, and it is especially interesting as being peculiarly American.” To keep our civilization advancing, we are asking you to do three simple things: READ the U.S. Constitution, get to KNOW it better, and SHARE it with others.

Our goal is to put Pocket Constitutions into the hands of every American and every school. This effort requires your help. Go to to order your Pocket Constitutions, and learn how you can help us spread the message of freedom.  

Let us together spread the message that protects us, promotes our happiness, and, most importantly, brings us together.

The U.S. Constitution: Read it. Know it. Share it. 

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